measured  existence
change creates with persistence
timing and distance

all that's meant to be
lies within reality
changing frequently

won't often succeed
without those skills humans need
survive to proceed

NG Rippel
writer of words
planetary & cosmic observer

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change produces essence
of what was once an instance
call it existence

choose to perceive it
no demands to believe it
take it or leave it

Questioning existence:

Is it better to think that the universe belongs to us or that we belong to the universe?

Is what exists of less importance than what we want to exist?

Does religious salvation render human existence meaningless?

Is advancing our self-interests more important than the preservation of humanity?

​Is seeing what was more important than seeing what is?

Is being rational less important than following accepted practices? 

Is finding answers less important than appearing to know?

Is innovation less valuable than maintaining equilibrium?

Is accuracy less important than expediency?

Is the ability to change less important than maintaining self-confidence?

Does glory have more meaning than human advancement?

Are the lives of innocents less important than retribution?

Are gods necessary to maintain beliefs?

Is peace less important than advancing objectives?

Is reason less valuable than convictions?

Is freedom of expression less important than being comfortable with everything which is seen, heard or read?

Is reality less valid than preconceived notion?

Does the future matter less than the past?

Is hatred stronger than kindness?

Do actions matter less than words?

Are human lives worth less than authoritarians' whims?

Is adapting to reality less valuable than maintaining mythologies?

Is practicing perseverance less important than finding fault? 

Is saving oneself more important than saving humanity?

Is doing right less important than avenging wrongs?

Is improving human existence less important than generating profit?

Is tolerance for new ideas less important than ideology?

Is freedom less valuable than a sense of security?

Is human continuation less important than individual salvation?

Is compassion & wisdom more valuable than obstinance & resentment?

Is truth less important than what we want to believe?

Is building a better future less important than avenging perceived grievances?

Is increasing knowledge & understanding less important than safeguarding tradition & preconceptions?

Is what we have learned less important than what we have earned?

Is what is being sacrificed worth that which may be gained?

Note: Depending upon circumstances, answers will vary

x-axis, length, east-west
y-axis, height, north-south 
z-axis, depth, up-down
delta, change, evolution

​we are part of the change which flows through this universe

there are no straight lines through existence

hope is fuel for the human future

the universe speaks for itself

As it has from the beginning, continuing human survival depends upon expanding our understanding of how this universe functions.

Notes & verse from an existence: