all that's meant to be
lies within reality
changing frequently

universe persists
through change's sudden turns and twists
forms all that exists

change produces essence
of what was once an instance
call it existence

NG Rippel
writer of words
planetary & cosmic observer

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New Axioms (Original Axioms are available within "Guide to an Existence")

existence holds the answers
it’s up to humans to find the right questions

believe whatever you choose but have the decency to allow others the same choice

either we try to bring mutually beneficial order to our world or we don’t 

natural progression is ubiquitous

admitting what we do not know is pathway toward understanding what we need to know

dare to reason differently

be thankful for the universe

they are all just atoms
they are all just rocks
they are all just trees
they are all just kids
they are all just New Yorkers
they are all just Californians
they are all just planets
they are all just stars
they are all just black holes
they are all just galaxies
they are all just human classifications
classifications which mislead

find comfort in the continuity of the universe

get right with existence

amid noise and confusion, there should always be room for clarity

being human involves doing what we can until we can’t

we are all descendants of the same early hominid

the beating heart of human existence lies within the everyday, not the once in a lifetime

continuing survival is the purpose of existence

enhancing human existence brings meaning to life

truth will eventually be triumphant

an open mind should be willing to constantly verify what it has absorbed

the universe is our home
making the best of it, is our challenge

invest in existence
expand human knowledge & experience

desire it or not, we are part of the change which flows through this universe

human existence is more about possibilities than certainties

for humanity, the bottom line is continued survival

speak truth
practice fairness

gravity is a matter of density

hope is fuel for the human future

human existence either matters or it doesn’t

often the most difficult thing to overcome is ourselves

reflected/transmitted light is an image of what was, not the essence of what is

what separates us from the rest of Earth’s biological beings is the ability to create rules/conditions/expressions which define human existence 

furthering existence is the matter of being able to continue to adapt to an ever-changing universe

the worst thing about being wrong is not admitting it

the universe creates change
change provides existence

measuring existence in dollars and cents is a poor form of accounting, as well as a waste of being

attempting to live in the past is a strange way to prepare for the future

ghosts & gods reside within our minds

existence resides at the leading edge of eternity

what we think does not override how this universe functions

we are products of the evolution of our planet
our planet is a product of the evolution of our solar system

our sun is but one of approximately a septillion within the universe

the value of existence lies beyond net worth

from cosmic dust all has arisen
into cosmic dust all shall return

inspiration resides throughout the universe

change can erase the past

Within this universe everything is subject to change including human destinies.

we, who were once the future, all too soon shall become the past

we are the caretakers of our ancestors’ memories

fear can obscure the beauty of existence

expectations may be adjusted

what can be made from this existence is up to us