extinction of a species is its final act
be thankful for existence
make the best of it


elevate yourself

NG Rippel
writer of words
planetary & cosmic observer

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​​​                            the passage of time ensures all that came before shall be diminished
                       beyond beginning or end, the work of change shall always remain unfinished

the universe continues to prove that no single entity is greater than the whole

making ourselves better adapted to existence has always been the purpose

too often we view existence as a race against time rather than the process driven by change that it is

everything within this universe is but a temporary configuration

existence is an evolutionary process

​survival & better adaptation are the main purpose of existence

​truth pervades existence

the rest of this universe oblivious to our existence (as well as being adverse to our physical well-being)

what was at our universe’s beginning is now & shall ever be changing

​the only time which reality recognizes is now

one cannot find the future while hiding in the past

ground your beliefs in reality and allow truth to flow

there are always reminders from the past
there is ever the promise of the future
existence, however, remains in the present

forge the future rather than attempting to recast the past

the universe sets the conditions
it is up to humans to find their own meaning and purpose

the universe is, therefore we are

we are creations of this universe
gods are creations of our imaginations

we carry the greatest power in this universe: evolution

we are begotten of this universe
we are part of humanity

we exist as part of an ever changing reality
we have some ability to control our own destiny

give your best self to the betterment of humanity and existence

what greater gift is there than existence?

open your mind and senses to the universe

​existence is a slow motion dance with eternity

humans could use a compilation of evolving “Truths, Knowledge and Wisdom” much more than  re-interpretations of ancient religious tracts 

what is capable of change goes forward
what isn’t capable of change is dead

​all things within this universe ride the crest of the same wave (time) which flows between that which has passed and that which shall come to be 

the truth may not set us free but the truth will certainly help us better understand our existence

we are all children of this universe

we are part of an eternal entity through which evolution constantly flows

the vastness of creation is completely beyond human imagination

meaning permeates the universe

all things change therefore they are

existence unfolds layer by layer
persistence gradually turns into prayer
knowledge transforming into salvation
producing incantations  which avoid stagnation

fulfilling  that which was religious need
understanding the universe becomes the creed

plug your belief system into the spirit of humanity  

the universe allows you to believe whatever you choose to believe

Note: Your beliefs will have consequences. The closer your beliefs are to reality, the more beneficial those beliefs become for everyone else.

Like the concept of time, Einstein’s theories on relativity are very useful, valid tools which humans may use to better understand the workings of the universe. Do not confuse mental constructs such as time and Einstein’s theories with reality. 

​​the words of truly great philosophers can transcend space and time to make deep impressions upon our minds

whether early, late
or right on time
the tides of change
roll through our being
and what we were
is now in the past

always folks selling for a fee
what we cannot feel, hear or see

​fortunately for gods, the universe does not care if the credit for its workings are plagiarized by others

​honesty lies within reality

the meaning of life
has always been about
bringing meaning to life

the challenge of continuing to improve human existence remains

we are imperfect beings in existence within a non-judgmental universe

the better adapted to existence
the better that existence becomes

eternal change is the great definer racing through the here & now

Change constantly runs through reality.  Time is a useful human construct used to understand change.  Time is how humans measure change.  Much like the concept of god, beyond the boundaries of human minds, time does not exist. 

within this existence, establishing a purpose is the purpose

existence is what we make it

when humans stop questioning, humanity will be lost

we are all children of this universe

too often we forget about the universe which created us and choose to worship images we have created in our own minds

everyone we know, will eventually pass on
everything we have, will eventually be gone
all the memories housed within our brains, will eventually disappear
choose your moments and hold them near

we exist within a vast, ever changing cosmic ocean of matter, energy and space

philosophy is a definition of reality along with methods for humans to deal with that reality
religion is the definition of a belief  system along with the methods which should be practiced to be part of that  system of belief

as clashes defining civilizations rage

as humans ponder the trials and tribulations of their age

​change envelopes the planet we dwell upon

as beyond right or wrong, the universe travels on

the universe did not evolve to meet the requirements for human existence
humans have evolved according to the requirements of this universe

ride inescapable change, don’t wrestle with it

learn from the universe

Considering that we often have no way to predict which way humans will choose to go, why do we expect sub-atomic particles to act any differently?

As we now understand that all matter can be turned into energy (and vice-versa) isn’t that really all the explanation which we need to understand why there can be life on earth (or anywhere else for that matter)?

​Existence. Therein lies the real story.

In the beginning was a highly compressed mass. An almost infinite bundle of particles which would prove to be capable of simple, complex, exotic & even sublime constructions. Particles which within their aggregate were able to create their own rules.

Whether through a slowing of movement or some internal juxtaposition of the particles, an almost instantaneous expansion began. Space was created between particles. The particles aggregated and coalesced into a constantly evolving cosmic brew. The universe was alive.

Some particles bonded. Some particles freed themselves from bonds and became the edge of the universe. It seemed that what had been forced apart would never be able to be put together again in exactly the same configuration.

Every instance of the universe was unique. Eternity was now the process of change and the question of whether it had always been so. 

That which was created was a matter of environment and the gradually diminishing effects of the aggregate. Though the particles now had space that space was still generally under the control of the motion which had been produced & proximity to other particles. Particles were adjusting themselves to new conditions.

The temperature rose dramatically. Tremendous quantities of particles formed massive configurations similar to that from which they had sprung. But the rules had changed and what had been all encompassing was now just a singularity within a rapidly expanding & broad creation.

Particle interactions and the lessening of particle attractions caused some particles to be energized.  The Universe was illuminated. Whether these waves of energy were inherent to particles or simply the result of conditions became another cosmic question.

All was in motion as the particles sought to reconfigure themselves. Matter clumped together. The first short-lived celestial bodies were born. The clustering of matter and the pattern of motion within a rapidly changing dynamic caused friction & the first stars ignited.

Galaxies and star clusters formed. Motion caused conflicts & mergers within the celestial bodies. Stars consumed their fuel. The aggregate continued to expand. It was now easy to become lost in the vastness resulting from the creation of space.

Yet all remained connected through the bonds of their initial configuration. Though expanded, all particles were still part of the same whole. That which links them remains the universe. Space being the common delimiter. How much space any object occupies defining both its nature & its impact upon the remainder of this universe.

We now stand amidst an infinitely minute portion of that creation. Our eyes normally lower than the horizon. Our focus on the remains mainly upon the conditions in front of us as the all around us continues to move & change. The universe has surrounded us with miracles. All we have to do is take the time to admire, enjoy & understand them.

We have arisen from the genetic adaptation of our ancestors to the conditions which existed. We continue to exist because of our own adaptation to those conditions. Survival becoming our ultimate incentive. How long that existence will continue, both for ourselves & our species, remains an open question.

The universe is the source of everything including ourselves.

That standards accurate to millimeters on a #human scale would not be accurate at a universal scale should not be surprising. To add to the challenge of accurate measurements, everything in this universe is moving & interacting. This dynamic change doesn't stop for even a nanosecond to allow measurement.

Increasingly am coming to believe that black holes are the engines which drive our universe & provide existence. Massive entities which recycle matter into energy & may well prove to be the creators of space. Space which both defines and moves our universe.

That which has come before us should teach us that our function is to adapt to condition.  Yet what is performing a function without that function having a meaning?

As conscious beings we are given the ability to define our own meanings. Some chose to define meaning as only those things which impact themselves. Other find meaning in abstract forms and methods. The creation of meaning is a key human endeavor.

It is difficult to look past our own singular existence.  Yet, the simplest of all meanings would seem to lie within we & our descendants continuing to exist. That we should accumulate the knowledge and skills to continue to further that existence.

Continuing existence seems to be the purpose of this universe.  What also seems clear is what has brought existence is change. What continues to sustain our existence is change. Yet we often choose to be dismissive or seek to be impervious to change. We should embrace change and use it to further both our own and human existence.

At present our birth has been our most significant change. Death looms over us as our final change. Change brought us here. Change is going to take us out of here. The hope for most being that they can continue to live a pleasurable existence as long as circumstances will allow.

What the universe shows us is that nothing except change is final. Whatever we are, were or are going to be is part of the universe. How that manifests itself through death is beyond our control other than that which we manage to leave behind for those coming after.

We are about the universe; the universe is not about us. What humans have constructed will lose significance when humans are gone. The particles which provide us with bodily form shall remain part/parcel of this universe.

What remains is that which we have created.  Either in the form of new humans, new intelligence or new ways of being.  Hopefully what will have been gained through our human existence is increased understanding and better ways of being.

Just as each particle forming the universe, each being is unique.  A temporal mix from the same cosmic recipe formed when this universe began. Our uniqueness too often causes us to lose sight of the fact that we are part of a much greater whole. 

Understanding our present comes through understanding the universe’s past. God exists in the same place that gods have always existed: in the minds of humans. The universe continues to progress in an orderly chaotic fashion.

Humans have consciousness & free will. To a lesser degree, many other beings on our planet share these traits. Whether other beings with such abilities exist within the vastness of the cosmos remains to be determined.

What we do know at present is that human beings are the only beings actively seeking to understand, document and make use of the story of this universe. As far as humans know at the moment, we are the only conscious caretakers of this universe.

That which we have been given has come from the universe. That which we may achieve comes from within ourselves. Our understanding of the rest of the universe is the key to our survival within it. The universe demands acceptance & adaptation, not allegiance or obedience. Understanding our place within this universe is the point.

Evolution appears to be the constant path of our universe. Everything, a product of the past.  All things existing at the intersection of that past and eternity.

Perhaps the enormity of understanding the universe & creating our own destiny is simply too much for the human community to handle? In which case humanity is more likely than not to become extinct with human creation simply another set of fossils buried within a planet’s landscape.

Or perhaps humans now & in the future will choose to move forward? Making the best use of ourselves and means the universe has provided. Progressing through a better understanding of the universe and our own place within it.

As with all else within this existence, we are products of this universe.

Let us set a course for the next 1,000 years, using the best of our human abilities, to seek to explore and understand our solar system and its place within existence.


unlike God, the universe speaks for itself

the motion of the universe has created existence
the motion of the universe will continue to create existence

If humans actually are the only conscious beings within this universe that means there is even more reason to focus on the future, cherish human existence and try to do our best to help humanity succeed

we have the great good fortune to be conscious beings within an ever evolving universe

no god is going to come to save us

we must learn to save ourselves

words move humans, words do not move the universe

existence is our playdate with eternity

cherish existence

value truth

practice fairness

​the universe is on its own schedule

what then is a human existence if not the quest to further human existence?

the only direction that eternity moves is forward

for the foreseeable future, our fate lies within this solar system

we have been given the stars, the moon and the heavens
our challenge is learning just how to share them

within our universe, the rate of change is always variable

change built upon change
humanity has arrived
at this point in time

what we conceive as past, present and future reside only within the constantly changing, ever present reality of now

find comfort within the processes of existence
find hope within the progress of humanity

Why do human belief systems push the notion that anything reality produces which contradicts their system of beliefs must be rejected? Trust Reality. Seek Truth.

we are because the universe is

believe in that which you are able to experience: the universe
have faith in that which you are able to participate: the goodness of humankind

continuing human existence is not a matter of conquests, rather it is the matter of adaptations

religion is a state of mind; reality is the state of being

​if it exists, there is a reason for it

the truth is ours to find

you are one with the universe; come to terms with it

change has produced us; change shall sustain us

that from which we are made is the universe

we honor our ancestors through enabling our descendants

the universe has long produced visions of what was
our challenge is to understand what is and imagine what will be

there are no shortcuts through eternity

the survival of humanity is addressed sequentially not independently 

the universe demands neither worship or praise
the universe demands only acceptance

there is no escaping change

any belief system which excludes reality and science is a dangerous delusion

we are the caretakers of human existence; we are the pathway to human continuation

try to do what is best for humans & humanity

expect enhancing the prospects for a better human future to be your only reward


Welcome to our universe at least 12.5 billion or so earth years on and counting. Perhaps the time has come for humans to begin a process of understanding and exploring our cosmic roots. All that we have, all that we are, originated from a single entity. This one structure coming alive and expanding into space. Creating existence as we now know it.

Let’s put away our religious and ideological misconceptions based upon supreme beings, understanding that humans are in control of their own future within the limitations imposed by sub-atomic particles. We have the ability to determine the path for a future. We have the ability to contemplate and adapt for that future. Rather than focusing our beliefs upon teaching/rote learning dogma and mythological tales tailored to make us feel better, humanity would be better served understanding the universe within which we exist and our role therein. 

The modern human species has been in existence for approximately 200,000 generations. This is a very short period of time from the reference point of the beginning of this iteration of our universe. From the human perspective, however these 50K earth years have involved a great deal of advancement and overcoming obstacles. Contemplating the end of this adventure is not an option for me. The little that I am able to offer is pointing the way toward human continuation.  Join me in choosing and developing a philosophy which may in some small way assist in human advancement & continuation.

The history of planetary evolution has been that at some point in every species gradual diversion occurs and new species are born.  This has been the continuing story of biological development from almost the beginning of our planet. Yet most humans believe that what humans are now, is no longer subject to evolutionary forces. Most humans are wrong.

The reality seems that those such as Newton, Edison, Einstein, Tesla have had more to do with the world in which we exist than any of the many any varied deities of our planet’s religions.

Technology has become the primary driver for deviation from that which humans were to that which humans are & will become. That technology, just like all human adaptations, is seen as making human existence better. This technology may well become the dividing line between what is now classified as human and that which will supplant humans.

Many worry that technology, either through misuse or development of its own intelligence, may put an end to humans. Perhaps but the more likely outcome is that technology will continue to put an end to human existence as we have known it & create new ways of living, just as has been happening throughout human history.

The most likely critical dividing line between what is now seen as human and that which will succeed it, may well turn out to be the human drive to move off planet. Just like all human expansions, that drive will initially have an umbilical cord to existing planetary cultures. If that drive & the development of technology is successful, at some point that cord will wither and fall away. What may well be left may turn out to be the evolutionary successors of humankind.


all that separates this instant for any other is change

prayerful thought ought to be an imagined discussion with those forces in the universe more powerful than ourselves not a plea for those forces to do our bidding

humans have but scratched the very surface of existence

dream far out into the cosmos while remaining grounded within reality
we are adrift upon the eternal vastness of a cosmic sea
in search of that which humanity may or may not be

Human Continuation should mean a happier, more rewarding and knowledgeable existence

Human Continuation is that which is written into our DNA

​nature is not the enemy

an ideology either serves the people or that ideology serves to control the people

The drive for human continuation should trump the need for self-gratification

humans perceive; eternity proceeds


thoughts and doubts
swirling all about
ranting and raving 
into the void
surrounded by the fools
coming from the tv tube
the only one which I delude
is myself


we are all heading to the same destination; the path we follow to get there writes our story

Any philosophy of continuation begins with considering how our current actions will impact the future.  Will our actions result in creating serious risk for future generations?  Is the knowledge and lessons which we are passing along worthwhile?  Are we pointing our children toward a brighter future or a repetition of the past?  Our planet and solar system offer a broad expanse upon which to work. The universe has much more to offer. Push safe advances of medicine, technology, space travel and intelligence gathering.  Encourage future generations to study the past and think for themselves.   Don’t sugar coat issues such as climate change, overpopulation and diminishing planetary resources.  Seek truth and clarity over short-term self-gratification.  Recognize that human continuation is merely a possibility unless humans take their future seriously.


Time is the measurement of change. All that we ever have is the eternal now.  That now is driven by the interaction of particles released during our universe's initial expansion. The configuration of those particles drives the evolution of existence.

What has always driven this universe is the generation of space. Space between particles. Space between objects. Space which causes us to think the #universe is expanding. Finding how space is generated may lead to solving how our universe evolves.

Gravity controls us. Gravity appears to be a matter of particle density. The greater that density, the more powerful what we term to be gravity is. Gravity is the foundation of this universe.

we reside upon the brink of eternity, seeking to find our way forward

drifting through a cosmic existence
our lives but a droplet 
within the continuity of humanity
​the future will not always be moving in a positive direction

some die because lightning strikes them
some die because they are caught up in war
some die because their hearts fail them
all eventually die & yet existence manages to carry on


learn from the trees as they bend in the wind & reach toward the cosmos
​what we want may be improbable
what we have is the universe

All that separates us and everything else in the universe is space. A key to understanding this universe is the what & why of the creation of that space.

this universe
is just enough
to last an eternity

knowledge is the human treasure in which we all share

any ideology or religion which is truly great does not have to force people to follow it

evolution is not guaranteed

evolution is taking advantage of adaptation

we live in forever, forever defined by how we change

our environment produced us
nature & adaptation shall sustain us

reason & meaning should guide us
persistence & innovate can advance us

we are products of the past adapting to an ever changing present in hopes of creating a better future

do not confuse bigotry with common sense

I believe in the ever changing now and the human ability to adapt to it
I believe in human potential
I believe our salvation lies with the continuation of humanity
I believe human perceptions are important but should never outweigh reality
I believe that we are meaningless without that which has come before & that which shall come after
I believe that which makes us humane enhances humanity
I believe that we have the right to protect & defend our own survival unless those means of protection threaten the survival of humanity
I believe that which comes after is more important than that which came before
I believe that we should respect one another & the rest of the universe
I believe closing our minds to new information and ideas is the path to human extinction
I believe that which harms the well being of another human or the universe is wrong
I believe that we are part of the universe
I believe that knowledge, innovation, endurance and experimentation drive the future of humanity
I believe that which has come before should guide, but not inhibit us
I believe the human spirit is what drives humanity forward
I believe that being is about sensing existence
I believe in honoring our ancestors and our descendants
I believe that the truth should always be our ally
I believe our greatest sacrifices should be to the advancement & continuation of humanity
I believe that we must make our own way within the context of humanity
I believe that through helping & caring about others helps ourselves and the human future
I believe that no human being is greater than humanity
I believe that the human story will be written not by what we have but by what we shall leave behind
I believe that what we owe ourselves is truthfulness
I believe that there is no meaning without being
​I believe that what we owe existence is respect
I believe that we are traveling through eternity
I believe the institutions which we build must serve our societies and humanity
I believe that the human future lies in moving further out into the universe while learning to do the universe no lasting harm
I believe that punishment should involve reparations that fit the crime & circumstances, crimes should be limited to harm done and that justice should be available to all
I believe that it is better to build upon that which came before than wasting time trying to destroy it
I believe that we should be as concerned about the continuation as humanity as we are about our own survival
I believe that everything is a product of will & universal evolution
I believe that our strength and future reside within humanity
I believe that too often take my existence for granted
I believe that opening our minds to new ideas opens the future
I believe that exploring the universe and our place within it is a reason for being
I believe that humans will not be the end all, be all of our species


the universe will flow onward with or without humanity

adapt, thrive and advance mankind
the purpose for existence
has been coded directly into our DNA

this life
a gift provided by our universe
billion years in the making

that which is to be formed
from such a unique cosmic endowment
being each individual’s primary responsibility


we are not born into sin
we are born into a universe filled with wonders

what is 
is always more important
than what might 
or might not be

may kindness flow throughout humanity
may truth & justice be its guide

​May peace and understanding, which has been built upon a foundation of knowledge, truth and experience, keep our hearts and minds focused upon that which shall benefit humanity and the human future.

some serve a supreme being
some serve a human being
I prefer to serve the continuation of humanity

​be thankful for existence

humans seem to be having trouble evolving past the belief that this universe is all about humans

the universe holds truth
enough truth to last an eternity

the moment that we begin to think that we can do no wrong is the moment when we have done the greatest wrong

seek to bring harm to none
seek to better existence

there is so much more that we can learn from this universe and existence if we put our minds to it

live, love, learn
leave existence better than you found it

believe in the strength of the human spirit
find hope in the potential for a better future

let us seek to minimize the differences between what we choose to believe and reality


​eternity awaits us

participate in existence
become a vehicle for positive change

treat each other respectfully
work toward building better communities
practice kindness and forgiveness
select your beliefs carefully using facts & reason