Always attempting to make a little sense of that which was going on around me than following any scholarly or career script. More interested in observation and analysis than getting ahead. A lifestyle never quite bordering on economic disaster. Not focused on career advancement. Definitely not trend-setting. Just moving on from youth to retirement. Watching and learning. A little hard to pin down and never really in focus. Not quite average. Certainly not exceptional. Somehow moving forward. One small change at a time. 

​how beings adapt to the universe defines them

This site is basically about the development of my personal philosophy of continuation. We believe that everyone should develop their own philosophy. That philosophy may include religion, ideology or concepts, all of which should be related to creation of a better existence.

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all knowledge is transitory
the universe will forever change
being requires change
change is existence

we are all plugged into the Universe; some simply choose to disconnect 

that which benefits humanity and Human Continuation is goodness

that which harms humanity and Human Continuation is wrong