So far the 2020 election has proved that this nation really is not much better than it has portrayed itself over the past 44+ months. The nation is now officially involved in political turmoil which may very well result in its demise. Let us hope that at some point when all the votes have been counted, the results of this presidential election will actually be clear enough to curtail civil strife. .

The purpose for what used to be displayed on this website is gone. The election is over. Hopefully Trumpism will pass into history as an aberration of the American scene. Would also be great if this nation begins moving toward having a federal government and election system which serves the interests of the American people rather than those like the Trumps and their own special interests. 

                   An unconventional political view


pushing only what does not disagree
with wrongly held beliefs has become creed
for those politicians who want to be
seen as having a real chance to succeed

very much easier than capturing
a thinking person's imagination
candidates soon resort to jabbering
fear, innuendo and defamation

a nation become more interested
in stoking individual grievances
than worrying just how unprincipled
we've been made by our leaders' allegiances

not civility or nobility
it's all about electability

ode to delusion 

rotten fruit of our freedom now become
the right to lead others into practices 
which shall leave them unprotected and numb
to conspiracy theories damages

self appointed deity who has planned
the culmination of his grievances out
brings continual pain to the off brand
democracy has no place on his route

the enemy: science, truth and reason
those rejecting the words of Dear Leader
are products of actionable treason
and nothing but liberal thought breeders

cult fed upon mindless illusion
devolving into abject delusion

thought police 

the world is ruled by a Satanic cult
led by evil famous pedophiles
where adrenochrome harvesting results
QAnons claim without citing references

all without any proof for who needs proof
when it's all so clear from the internet
where one goes they go all under one roof
carrying their weapons and shouting threats

for there's a terrible storm a coming
which shall wipe the rest of us far away
this probably is our final warning
at least that's what Q and the Anons say

none should have the right to other beliefs
thinks our generation of thought police