​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you wish to take a realistic look at the American political scene, you may want to begin by disabusing yourself of the notion that USA is an actual democracy. The political and electoral systems established in this nation were created to empower the landed gentry. Those systems today continue to provide inordinate powers to those with the means & the will to spend in order to acquire, control & retain great influence in the governance of this nation at all levels. The USA is a nation increasingly doing the bidding of an entrenched and powerful minority against the will of the majority of the citizens which it claims to represent.

The 2020 US election will boil down to a choice between continuing to have the leadership of this nation compromised by Putin, House of Saud or any other nation bent on killing off democracy and reversing the American Revolution or a return to some semblance of normality. A choice between moving in the direction of truth, justice & democracy or unfettered T-RUmpian Kleptocracy.  

​A bigoted, right-wing clique of the wealthy aligned with Putin, House of Saud & other ME entities has taken over the USA. The question has become, whether the nation can ever be taken back?

You cannot view Trump as POTUS without including the RUssians in your perspective
Throughout this piece the term T-RUmp will be used as a moniker for Donald J Trump. Use of this term was initiated in late 2015 after T-RUmp's name-calling and continual grade-school level degradation of his opponents. Considering that Russian money and support have gone a long way toward bailing T-RUmp out of the tremendous debt which he accumulated during and after his Atlantic City fiasco, plus Russian interference on T-RUmp's behalf in the 2016 election, it's very likely little in T-RUmp's life over the last 20 years or so is not a result of the Russian assistance.  T-RUmp is the same sort of sophomoric nonsense that T-RUmp has been spewing from the moment he glided down the elevator in T-RUmp Tower to announce his candidacy for POTUS by immediately called Mexicans rapist, murderers & criminals. Trump would not be T-RUmp without his Russian benefactors or his constant propensity for making an ass of himself & this nation.  T-RUmp is truly the Viktor Yanukovych of US politics. 

This nation needs to decide whether it will continue to tolerate a federal government which works for the interests of the T-RUmps, those like them & their wealthiest benefactors or have a federal government which works for the interests of the American People.

The passing of the incredible Ruth Bader Ginsburg could not have come at a worse time for this nation.  The GOP rushing to have Amy Coney Barrett replace RBG will have an impact upon justice in this nation for the next generation unless drastic steps are taken to change the structure of the courts. The same problem exist with almost all the other federal judges which Moscow Mitch and T-RUmp have pushed through.  

Isn't it time that the USA had a leader, who is not compromised by Putin, the House of Saud or any other murdering dictator willing to do something which benefits T-RUmps?

2020 Election Observations:

T-RUmp's bout with coronavirus still remains the overriding consideration in the 2020 election. The next week will determine how much contracting the virus as well as not taking appropriate steps to prevent its spread, impacts T-RUmp's re-election chances.

Odd as it may seem in this oddest of recent US elections, RUdy Giuliani's unscripted bit role in Borat's "Subsequent Movie Film" may well prove to be not only the true "October surprise" of this election but the straw which broke T-RUmp's reelection chances. 

Team T-Rump - Beyond relying on even more and better election interference and disinformation from his anti-democracy foreign/domestic allies, T-RUmp's plan appears to be to drive his supporters to vote in person, subverting mail-in voting as much as possible, in the hope that in the late hours of  Nov.3,  T-RUmp holds a w ide enough lead in the election to proclaim victory. Which will then be cemented by trying to prevent through the US Court system, the counting of remaining mail-in ballots in critical states.  T-RUmp is also subverting the 2020 election  through the use of the USPS to prevent the timely delivery of ballots to/from voters

​( https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/07/15/how-trumps-war-postal-service-could-create-an-election-nightmare/ ). If that ploy doesn't work, count on T-RUmp to try to use a US court system which has been stacked to his advantage to nullify the 2020 election results.

Count on Team T-RUmp to try to weaponize any T-RUmp recovery from coronavirus as indicating that COVID-19 only takes down the weak. 

The floundering Kanye West presidential campaign is another attempt by the GOP & T-RUmp's campaign to siphon votes away from Joe Biden. 

The GOP controlled Senate appears to be working hand-in-glove with RUdy Giuliani to sow Russian produced disinformation harmful to Biden. 

Having an extremely hard time understanding why this revelation about 2016 money laundering which may have swung the election to T-RUmp is not a much bigger deal: https://www.esquire.com/news-politics/politics/a34382010/2016-trump-campaign-egyptian-bank/  

Invalidation of election results - T-RUmp has shown that his f2020 election strategy has beome to stage a much expanded version of the GOP's actions in 2000 to steal the election. Count on T-RUmp to try to use his tirades against mail-in ballots & rigging of the election by Democrats to cut off any vote counting after Nov. 3 where he holds a lead  + force key states such as WI, FL, MI, PA, FL to invalidate the results of 2020 voting & throw their Electoral College vote to each state's legislature which is controlled by the GOP. 

RUssiaWill expand upon their 2016 election efforts. Will diligently work to spread disinformation and come up with an October surprise which will damage Biden and attempt to link he & the Democrats to the Ukraine & Chinese governments. Along with the possibility of providing T-RUmp with an improperly test COVID-19 vaccine sometime in October.  ( https://twitter.com/nytimesworld/status/1290091541218770946 )

Release of T-RUmp's tax returns - The information harvested by the NYT is about as damaging as it could be. The information shows T-Rump not only as a tax cheat but as an extremely failed businessman in debt well beyond his means. That debt is a serious security concern for this nation. It likely goes along way toward explaining T-RUmp's "special" reltationship with Putin, House of Saud, MbZ, Qatar & Erdogan. We are about to find out if  T-RUmp can somehow lie his way out of the those tax records damning impact, as well as whether the revelations will damage his standing with his cult. 

Wm. Barr - Will work to try to invalidate mail-in ballots in swing states as well as attempting to deliver as many "October surprises" to Biden and the Democrats in as timely a manner as possible to impact voting. Likely Durham and Burisma/Ukraine probes will be key delivery vehicles.  ( https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/28/barr-pre-election-release-durham-report-385244 )

QAnon - Is the Krazy Glue which binds T-RUmp's cult and the End-Times Evangelicals to Putin's war on western democracy.  QAnon represents the Alex Jonesification of this nation. QAnon likely has 250K+ hard core followers and as many as 4 million more casual followers. The Pizzagate conspiracy theory was the genesis of QAnon. QAnon's pretense is that T-RUmp is the Avenger working in concert with the US Military Intelligence to eradicate the satanic forces of the Democratic party which is led  politically by Barrack Obama (Hussein) and functionally by the Rothschilds. T-RUmp is now actively triggering Anons at all his rallies, speeches by obliquely referring to QAnon theory about Biden. His call to have the Bidens locked up is right up the QAnon alley. My personal opinion is that QAnon is a home-grown extension of the 2016 Russian GRU/IRA efforts to elect T-RUmp making very clever use of LARPer tactics. QAnon brands Democratic leadership, Hollywood and the Deep State (their term) as Satan-worshipers, pedophiles and worse. QAnon walks and talks like an updated version of the Charles Manson Family. The cult-of-T-RUmp @GOP appears to be hellbent on turning itself into full-blown QAnon.  If QAnon is indeed the future of the GOP,  this nation may well be headed toward a bloodbath. ( https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/889kgp/terrorism-experts-say-qanon-conspiracy-theory-a-threat-to-national-security)

General Observations:

T-RUmp pretends COVID-19 in USA is defeated, economy isn't in shambles, systemic racism hasn't generated wide-spread civil unrest and Putin's RUssia hasn't paid Taliban to put bounties on US forces, thinks the stock market reflects the US economy.  How much longer can this nation tolerate a POTUS incapable of dealing with reality?

T-RUmp goes AWOL in the midst of the USA's battle against COVID-19, commutes Roger Stone Jr.'s sentence,  panders to Putin at every turn, uses dictator tactics to deal with public protest over police brutality and institutionalized systemic racism, coerces foreign governments to intervene in the 2020 election on his behalf, uses the tools of the US federal government as props for his re-election campaign, has tried to destroy US healthcare insurance system without having any replacement, incites racial/religious/cultural/gender animus at ever opportunity to go along with his non-stop lying. How many additional reasons are needed to understand that T-RUmp is not fit to lead a Boy Scout Troupe much less a nation?

Off-the-cuff take on latest T-RUmp attacks upon truth, justice, democracy & what used to be the "American way"

Woodward's tapes of T-RUmp saying that he knew how bad COViD-19 in February while he publicly downplayed the virus would be enough to have sunk almost every other  President & Administration. T-RUmp obviously was much more concerned about panicking the US stock markets than the welfare of the American people. It won't sink T-RUmp however. His followers will be claiming that through downplaying (no matter how illogical. unethical, misguided) the virus, the great & powerful T-RUmp actually saved the US stock market and American well-being. Shows the depth of self-interest & willful ignorance at play within the cult-of-T-RUmp. 

The 2020 presidential election is going to boil down to how much effective disinformation and election subversion T-RUmp, his team & his foreign benefactors are going to be able to generate to overcome even worse popular vote results than 2016.

T-RUmp has shown himself to be completely morally bankrupt, over & over again. By this point, it's apparent that those who continue to support T-RUmp are morally bankrupt as well.

The USA is now very seriously broken. T-RUmp has proven himself capable of only making things worse. A second T-RUmp term is almost certain to make the damage to this nation irreparable for the foreseeable future.

The T-RUmp Admin's purposeful slow down of USPS service in the midst of a pandemic is incumbent election engineering at its worst. The slow down also seems to be an attempt to make the impact of COVID-19 on the resident of the USA as painful as possible.

The Senate Intelligence Committee's report (just as Mueller's Report) on 2016 Russian interference shows unequivocally that T-RUmp's campaign sought and encouraged  Russian interference in the 2016 election on their behalf. ( https://www.intelligence.senate.gov/sites/default/files/documents/report_volume5.pdf  )

T-RUmp's presidency is rapidly becoming a matter of how bad things will be for this nation when T-RUmp is eventually forced from office. Win, lose or draw in the 2020 election, T-RUmp is certain to cause even greater turmoil for this nation.

T-RUmp's pressuring of the British government to hold the British Open at his Turnberry golf course would have been enough to bring down most other presidencies over the past 100 years.

What T-RUmp has been reported have said about fallen, wounded, captured US Military members is despicable, but it is no more despicable than not calling Putin to account for the bounties placed on their lives. 

T-RUmp and his Administration have been AWOL from the US COVID-19 epidemic battle since mid-May. T-RUmp's COVID-19 response has gone from downplaying the lethal virus it, to inept incompetence, to pretending that it no longer exists. At what point is T-RUmp held to account for this?

During the lethal COVID-19 outbreak in the USA, T-RUmp, Fox News & all of the cult-of-T-Rump primary mouthpieces have become the pied pipers of willful ignorance which leads straight toward human extinction.  First T-RUmp tried false bravado & BS on COVID-19. It didn't work. Now T-RUmp is trying to pretend COVID-19 no longer exists. That does not appear to be working either. T-RUmp & Kushner's decision to do nothing to aid blue state response to COVID outbreaks in March of 2020 is not only criminal but evil. 

T-RUmp's commuting of Stone, jr.'s sentence is exponential more corrupt than anything Richard Nixon ever did!

T-RUmp's continuing mental decline as displayed in his Chris Wallace & Jonathan Swan interviews & frequent inability to form a ration thought is apparent to everyone except his cult. 

T-RUmp latest campaign trick appears to be deploying DHS agents to US cities to further inflame violence and angst about protests occurring over the continuation of institutionalized systemic racism in the USA. Immigrant Caravans now seemingly have lost their luster. 
T-RUmp  is the leader of a movement which contains people much like himself, who believe that only their self-interests, rights, grievances & opinions have any value.  T-RUmp & his cult are all about what the USA can do for them. They have no intention of doing anything for the rest of the USA. 

T-RUmp is now scrambling to find some form of miracle cure for COVID-19 so that his adoring masses don't lose faith in their Orange Jesus. Blood Plasma treatment now following flower oil/oleandrin & hydroxychloroquine as T-RUmp's latest suggested treatment. 

T-RUmp's response to George Floyd driven protests are meant to stoke even greater racial/religious/cultural divides within this nation.

If T-RUmp is your "Second Coming", you very likely belong to a religious cult headed straight toward moral bankruptcy.

T-RUmp's Senate impeachment trial turned into a cult-of-T-RUmp GOP 's trial of the House Democrats for having the audacity to impeach the great & powerful T-RUmp. Bolton's "bombshell", just another affront to the institutions of this nation by T-RUmp about which nothing is ever done. T-RUmp's acquittal is an affront to truth & justice. The American people either decide to take the matter into their own hands in the 2020 election or this nation becomes an even more unfettered Kleptocracy ruled by the T-RUmps. 

RUdy + his Russian & Ukrainian pro-Putin pals continue to lay in wait in hopes of being able to sabotage Joe Biden when he receives the Democrats' nomination to be their candidate for POTUS. 

Based upon the T-RUmp-directed drone assassination in Iraq taking out Iranian Quds leadership, this nation now stands on the verge of finding out whether or not T-RUmp actually has a plan on Iran or whether T-RUmp's impetuous nature & self-interests will blow apart the Middle East as "End of Days" believers such as Pompeo & Pence seem to desire. (Seems possible however that the "End of Days" people have now shifted their focus to the COVID-19 epidemic) 

Just like what T-RUmp's & his team were doing with the Russians, Saudis, UAE, Israelis & Lord-knows-who-else prior to the 2016 election, trying to barter military aid for political dirt on his opponents is not something this nation should tolerate. Thanks to the serious political polarization of this nation, other than House voting to impeach, am not counting on anything happening about any election subversion T-RUmp & his campaign undertake for the 2020 election. The question will be if T-RUmp & his cult can do enough election subversion to overcome the will of the majority of this nation. 

Look for 2016 foreign/domestic election interference in support of T-RUmp to be only the start of what will be coming this nations way in 2020.

In today's USA, the barbarians are not trying to bash in the nation's gates. The barbarians have taken over the White House. T-RUmp's pardoning of 3 US military members accused of war crimes this November, underscores this condition.

Seems the start of the great & powerful T-RUmp's Ukraine adventure was when Rudy went to Ukraine early in the year looking to collect dirt on Biden. Ukraine kept ignoring Rudy. Rudy went back to T-RUmp to complain, The result became T-RUmp's foray into trying to barter military aid for real/imaged dirt on both Biden and the Crowdstrike conspiracy ( https://www.thedailybeast.com/crowdstrike-the-truth-about-trumps-insane-ukraine-server-conspiracy ), 

Efforts by the NYT and others to discover the identity of the whistleblower unnecessarily endanger that individual. All it takes is one deranged T-RUmp supporter to take T-RUmp's "what we used to do to spies in the old days" to heart & go out looking for that individual. 

Excerpts from this complaint show a whole lot people hard at work trying to bury T-RUmp's conversations with Zelensky and others. An outstanding question now is whether action will be taken against those individuals. The key being whether action will also be taken against Mike Pence complicating the entire impeachment process. 

This latest T-RUmp induced craziness now seems like a much abbreviated version of the T-RUssia affair & resulting investigation. The exception being that it's now seems clear T-RUmp has corrupted the highest levels of the federal government. Throw in new revelations about the Kislyak + Lavrov meeting, more documents to protect T-RUmp stored on the nation's highest classified server & T-RUmp's new threats to whistleblowers, hard to believe anyone can think impeachment will not warranted. 

The whole Ukraine mess smells like T-RUssia 2.0. T-RUmp had RUdy and his crew of misfits using the tools of the federal government to perform a shakedown of the Ukraine. RUdy gets money from Russia. T-RUmp get the Ukraine government to do his political dirty work in 2020. Putin gets what he wants out of the Ukraine. Another T-RUssia "win-win" for Putin & his boy, T-RUmp. Don't count on anything from T-RUmp's impeachment impacting his 2020 election chances very much. 

T-RUmp's constant obstruction and threats to thwart investigation in his Ukraine military aid for political gain gambit may be the one thing in this matter with the potential to bring T-RUmp down.

William Barr has become T-RUmp's blunt instrument to bludgeon truth, justice and democracy in the USA.

Unfortunately, with Moscow Mitch, Wm. Barr and the GOP in general continuing to back T-RUmp, extremely likely that T-RUmp walks away from the this not only generally unscathed with his base but with a strengthen opinion by that base that everyone in the USA, but them, is out to get T-RUmp. If that is indeed the outcome & T-RUmp somehow manages to hold on to the office of POTUS after this next election cycle, this nation is in dire peril of becoming a semi-permanent kleptocracy of rich white nationalists. 

If T-RUmp manages to avoid removal from office for his Ukraine military aid for political dirt shakedown and wins the 2020 election, count on T-RUmp immediately going after everyone involved in the impeachment. T-RUmp will act even more forcefully than he has he has against the T-RUssia investigation. T-RUmp will not be satisfied with eluding an impeachment conviction. T-RUmp will immediately start an all out vendetta, designed to strike fear in those considering holding the great & powerful T-RUmp accountable. 


Note: I am a former Pete McCloskey style Republican, who gave up on the GOP a long time ago. Have been an independent since. Fiscally conservative. Socially Liberal. Feel that all Americans should be provided Major Medical Coverage & free education to 2 years beyond high school. Also feel that every American should perform some form of national service for at least 1 year after they have turned 21. Fairly certain that classifies me as an American anachronism. Shortly before the 2016 US election, I told some family members that the only way T-RUmp could be elected was if the nation lost its collective mind. Additionally, I said that there was a perverse side of me which wondered how bad it could become if T-RUmp became president. The truth is that I really couldn't imagine T-RUmp winning, that T-RUmp would swallow the GOP party almost whole or how bad T-RUmp would become for this nation. At this point in time, I am one step beyond being never-T-RUmp. I have become a never-T-RUmper or anyone else who continued to support T-RUmp after the full Mueller report came out.  

The 2020 state of disunion as implemented by 3+ years of rule by T-RUmp:

  • T-RUmp's America is what results when a large part of the nation believes self-interest and prejudices are more important  than truth, fairness, democracy & justice.
  • The evidence of growing corruption under T-RUmp & his minions has become increasingly apparent over the past 12 months. From T-RUmp's Ukraine military aid for political gain shakedown to Barr's handling of Mueller'Report, responses to mass shootings by white nationalists & the cultivation of conspiracy theories on everything from Epstein's suicide to Democrats being behind mass shootings, the wheels have come off truth & justice in the US Federal government.
  • The impeachment of T-RUmp is coming. Odds are still good that Moscow Mitch + the T-RUmp owned @GOP will not allow it to go anywhere.
  • ​T-RUmp and his campaign consorted with hostile & pseudo-friendly foreign interests to benefit himself in 2016. T-RUmp's at it again in 2020.
  • T-RUmp always seems to clear every foreign policy action that he takes with Putin & the House of Saud. That seems rather strange in regard to T-RUmp's taking out Soleimani. Very strange. 
  • ​T-RUmp as POTUS with T-RUmp being T-RUmp has resulted in the USA no longer being the USA.
  • In the course of one week: Sharpiegate, inviting the Taliban to Camp David during the week of 9/11 for a photo op, rage tweeting against any who dare slight, out or oppose him, using the USAF to grift, campaign manager calling for a dynasty. We are about to find out just how much crazier and dysfunctional a T-RUmp presidency can get. Update: Thanks to T-RUmp-Giuliani activities with the Ukraine government, we now have.
  • T-RUmp and his Administration arbitrarily locking up children in T-RUmp concentration camps, blocking valid asylum seekers and in general blocking all non-White Judeo-Christian immigration. 
  • T-RUmp's GOP is hard at work undoing the American Revolution. All of their actions toward making T-RUmp a "unitary executive" move this nation closer to once again being run by a mad king.  
  • Rudy Giuliani still does not seem to recognize that if somebody ends up taking a hard fall for T-RUmp's  Ukraine military aid for personal political gain misadventure that someone is going to be Rudy.
  • The Mueller report has become nothing more than a totem to an increasingly dysfunctional, undemocratic nature of US presidential elections. Congress now has the onus to correct that trend. If it does not, Congress may as well crown T-RUmp as permanent US emperor & save itself some time.
  • T-RUmp has created a humanitarian disaster in Syria with his impulsive actions to appease Erdogan & Putin. Why was T-RUmp in such a rush to take this action. Was it linked to T-RUmp's Ukraine military aid for political gain shakedown?
  • T-RUmp's every action in thwarting the rule of law & destroying fundamental US institutions seems designed toward turning the USA into T-RUmp's own private version of Putin's Russia. Unless this nation wants to find itself T-RUssified, T-RUmp's lies, vindictiveness, fear mongering, bigotry and bullying must be concisely rejected by US voters.
  • What T-RUmp is, is someone, who no longer is able to distinguish right from wrong. What T-RUmp has done is turn today's Republicans into a political party with the same disability.
  • Making up stuff is what T-RUmp does. It has gotten T-RUmp where he is. T-RUmp seems to think it will keep him there.
  • Mueller's report on T-RUmp & his campaign's encouragement of Russian interference in the 2016 election & subsequent efforts by T-RUmp to obstruct investigations into those effort seems not to have been enough to capture the interest of the general US voting public. Not so oddly, if T-RUmp is found to have been involved in any of the doings related the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein, those revelation may be what finally pulls back the curtain on T-RUmp & reveals his true nature for most of his supporters.
  • T-RUmp being able to trade foreign aid for an investigation into Joe Biden is proof T-RUmp is indeed above the law in the USA. This likely won't play out well during 2020 election cycle and after.
  • T-RUmp as POTUS has defeated truth, justice & what used to be the American way. He & his minions are hard at work killing off democracy & the Deep State at this moment. The nation hangs in the balance.
  • Four plus years of T-RUmp as politician, seems the sentiment of T-RUmp & the vast majority of his supporters may be summed up in the statement, "if it doesn't look, act & think like I do, it does not belong in the USA".
  • T-RUmp's continued building of a false narrative regarding foreign interference in the 2016 election has evolved to the point where it is doing real damage to this nation's institutions. Beyond the Constitution, what has undergone the most damage is the trust of the American people for the institutions created to protect them.
  • Turned the courts & system of justice back 80 years & obstructed justice against himself & his cronies at every turn.
  • Given himself & his billionaire pals a massive tax break which has done little for anyone else other than rapidly increase the national debt.
  • Who/what holds T-RUmp's & his organization's debts should have been clear long before T-RUmp was the @GOP POTUS candidate. Are those obligations compromising this nation?
  • Pushed Vladimir Putin's foreign policy non-stop.
  • The Mueller investigation may have "cleared" T-RUmp of criminal charges according to T-RUmp's AG but his own actions regarding Putin & Russia make it clear that something has been going on between T-RUmp & the Russians for a long time. The fact that Mueller's report on T-RUmp's & the Russians' actions during the 2016 election does not cause outrage in the general public speaks volumes about the political malaise within this nation. 
  • Bill Barr whitewashed Mueller's report & gave T-RUmp ample time to crow "No Collusion" & "No Obstruction" so loud that a big chunk of this nation now believes it. Mueller & crew treated T-RUmp & his children with kid gloves in the production of that report. Why?
  • T-RUmp's stated belief in MbS, Kim Jong Un & Putin's involvement in atrocious murders committed by their regimes.
  • The likelihood is that T-RUmp eventually will be remembered as POTUS with an asterisk (*-conspired with hostile foreign interests to gain office). Sort of like the steroid-era MLB players but in a much more serious context.
  • US has already reached the endgame of the GOP-led drive toward non-stop religious/cultural/racial grievance being permanently embedded in the fabric of this nation: the T-RUmpian Kleptocracy. What is unclear is if that kleptocracy is a permanent state or whether this nation will decide to return to the principles which guided it for the previous 240 years.
  • The GOP has rebranded itself not only as the party of T-RUmp but as the party of Putin.
  • ​Continuously over the past 2 years, T-RUmp has shown that America First is really T-RUmp first.
  • Used US Military in a manufactured border crisis to try to swing the midterms then when that did not work fabricated a national emergency to raise the stakes.
  • The US political/electoral system is not set up to deal with the corruption & contempt for the rule of law that T-RUmp and the @GOP represent. Either controls & rules are added to make the governance of this nation more representative or the nation devolves into permanent kleptocracy.
  • Continues to fail to demand accountability from MbS for the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi, while at the same time working toward trying to provide MbS with nuclear technology.
  • Appointed his daughter & her husband as senior advisers despite no relevant experience.
  • T-RUmp ordered that Jared Kushner be given a top level security clearance despite concern by the CIA
  • Shutdown the government for 35 days over a vanity project.
  • Worked hard at making bigotry & racial/religious/gender/cultural grievance socially acceptable in the USA & done everything within his power to divide the nation along those lines as if T-RUmp's endgame is to create a T-RUmp ruled First American Reich.
  • T-RUmp has spent his entire tenure as POTUS generating one false narrative after another essentially turning the federal government into a vehicle for making the nation a non-stop T-RUmp political reality TV program.
  • Demeaned the US & EU intelligence communities, FBI & our nation's allies at almost every turn. Has used the appointment of William Barr as AG to obstruct the findings of the Mueller T-RUssia probe.
  • The white nationalist stink arising from the Cult of T-RUmp is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore
  • Turned the Emoluments Clause into a standing joke.
  • The "windmills cause cancer" statement is verification that Don Quixote T-RUmp will go to any lengths to tilt against progress .
  • Has been the most anti-Science POTUS of the modern era.
  • Created protections for unfettered corporate greed despite any & all consequences to the general public.
  • Denied science, facts & national realities on a daily basis.
  • Pushed Alt-Right and white nationalist conspiracy theories.
  • Instituted nepotism into the Federal Government.
  • T-RUmp continuing to ignore Putin's & MbS's aggressions is an affront not only to our nation but also to Western Civilization.
  • Used the US military to further his own political ends.
  • Demanded loyalty to T-RUmp over loyalty to the Constitution.
  • Turned the office of the presidency into a part-time job.
  • Tried to overturn everything Obama did.
  • Enabled & enhanced murdering dictators far and wide. In particular those from the House of Saud, Russia, Turkey, UAE & the DPRK.
  • Embarrassed the nation on the world stage.
  • And last but not least, done everything in his power to diminish fairness, equality & the US version of democracy.

How is it that T-RUmp's continued support, enabling and protection of Putin's goals, methods and philosophy has not become this nation's primary existential crisis? (To a somewhat lesser degree, the same may also be said to apply to the House of Saud)

Where USA seems headed post-Mueller report:

T-RUmp's supporters & @GOP will continue to say there was no crime, so there cannot be any obstruction.

Never T-RUmpers will continue to think GOPers will change their minds & they will be getting their party back soon.

Democrats will continue to spin their wheels trying to come to some form a consensus on impeachment, socialism or otherwise.

​Independents will continue to have nowhere to land.

Considering all of the pro-T-RUmp foreign presence, both virtual and human, on the internet, seems that T-RUmpians & their foreign supporters have become an 'Axis of Disinformation'.

Make America Great Again? The USA has become the place where on a daily basis the nation now moves from one T-RUmp-induced crisis driven by T-RUmp's fragile ego to another.

The outcome of the 2016 POTUS election was essentially swung by 77K votes in 3 states. T-Rump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million. 

During the 2016 election it has been confirmed that T-RUmp or his representatives:

  • paid hush money to keep his extra-martial affairs hidden from the public
  • encouraged the Russians to interfere in the election on T-RUmp's behalf
  • used stolen data & foreign sources to weaponize T-RUmp campaign IT system to target individual voters
  • met with Saudis, UAE & Israelis to gain their assistance during the election
  • lied about the on-going nature of the T-RUmp Tower Moscow project

​The idea that none of these illegal/unethical activities had any impact on the outcome of the 2016 is absurd.

T-RUmp encouraged the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election.

T-RUmp continues to deny Russian interference in 2016 election.

T-RUmp betrayed the interests of this nation.

The GOP has become a white ethnocentric political party of the dishonest, vindictive, win-at-any-cost. The Democrats are now the political party of the high whine, ineffective, enforcers of social justice. The remainder of this nation is caught in the middle.

T-RUmp's words and actions against people of color, non-standard gender and non-Judeo Christian religions mean:

T-RUmp is a Bigot and a Racist

​T-RUmp's words and actions against women mean:

T-RUmp is a Misogynist

T-RUmp's words and actions in favor of Putin, MbS, Kim Jong Un, UAE & Netanyahu mean:

T-RUmp is Compromised against the interests of this nation

T-RUmp's words and actions on the environment, poor, economics, science and history mean:

​T-RUmp is willfully Ignorant

Unanswered questions from the Mueller probe:

Did T-RUmp have no involvement with Flynn discussing Russian Sanctions with Kislyak?

Why did T-RUmp go to such lengths to cover up his Moscow project dealings?

Why did T-RUmp lie about knowing Felix Sater?

What was Kushner trying to do in establishing a back channel to Russia during transition?

Many unanswered questions about Manafort beginning with what he was doing with the polling data which he gave to Kilimnik?

What Roger Stone & Co were doing with Guccifer & WikiLeaks remains unanswered.

How much of T-RUmp's empire is beholding to Russians?

What the purpose of the network link from T-RUmp Tower to Alfa Bank was?

Why does T-Rump continue to defer to Putin and push Putin's autocratic foreign policies?

Barr's actions on the Mueller report smack of a whitewash intended to insure the stability of the Federal Government more than report to the American what took place between T-RUmp, his campaign & Russian interference in the 2016 election. The full Mueller report needs to be released. Criminally chargeable or not, actions which were against the sovereign interests of the USA need to be publicized. 

The core elements which divide the USA politically are race, religion, gender, entitlement and need. The first three elements able to be successfully used to energize rage against factors created by the later two. Bill Clinton was essentially a left-leaning centrist, who raised the ire of his political opponents because of his sexual improprieties and a strong-minded wife. George W. Bush raised less strong emotions over his rise to political power through family connections and lukewarm support for the Religious Right. Obama primarily raised the ire of his political opponents because of the color of his skin and advancement of the social safety net. T-RUmp has taken it all to a new level thanks to his completely unprincipled behavior and penchant for self-dealing.

What the 2020 election appears to be leading toward:

  • every nation reaches a critical juncture in their history where a key choice needs to be made. That juncture has arrived in the USA. The choice now looms between unrestrained capitalism, supreme special interests and autocracy / increased democracy, social awareness and public safety net / some semblance of balance between the two. T-RUmp & the GOP seem to working hard to paint the Democrats as socialists. If successful, they will present the 2020 election choice as being between private ownership of property (Capitalism) & that property being forcibly taken over by the government (Socialism). The Democrats will have to come up with an effective means of showing that creating a more robust range of public services & protecting consumers is not the advent of full-on Socialism. If Dems are unable to do this & the voters keep T-RUmp & the @GOP in power, representative government will be further undermined & the US leadership of the democratic principles of Western Civilization will be gone.
  • white Christian entitlement continues to be the major selling point of the @GOP
  • the majority of voters do not support T-RUmp's unethical behavior and continual lying, though many are willing to overlook T-RUmp's actions as long as they perceive T-RUmp is giving them what they want.
  • the nation's partisan divide has become wider & deeper &may well be beyond repair for some time.
  • the next 2 years will be an ongoing battle over T-RUmp's past & present actions, healthcare, budgets & entitlements.
  • Vladimir Putin may turn out to be the 2018 midterms biggest loser as the T-RUssia probe will now not go away. No matter what T-RUmp has Barr/Whitaker do within the DOJ.
  • the move toward a permanent T-RUmpian Kleptocracy will very likely be on hold until late 2020.
  • the USA is not an actual democracy. Decisions in this nation are governed by who/what can game the US political/electoral system best & not what the US public actually wants.
  • science in the USA may not be dead as yet but science is currently under almost continuous attack from T-RUmp & his supporters.

In 2020 restoring truth, justice & what used to be the American way can only be accomplished through dumping T-RUmp

A quick review of US political realities:

  • The United States does not have a political & structure which provides governance based on the will of the majority of its citizens. The United States has a government tailored to provide a government which serves the will of the most well-off & politically connected.
  • T-RUmp fabricated national emergency and crises are driving the entire US political discussion 
  • The United States is unlikely to halt the current slide into kleptocracy until political & electoral structures are altered to provide more fair & free election of representatives.
  • If a nation has a leader, who conspires with a hostile foreign nation to get himself elected (and who knows what else), then lies about it and that activity is not considered a crime, perhaps that nation does not deserve sovereignty.
  • ​​Better public services are the advancement of civilization not the rise of outright socialism.
  • Revelations that the FBI began an investigation into T-RUmp as a Russian agent. The FBI would not have entered into such an investigation on a whim. That a sitting POTUS is under such a cloud should concern anyone who has a real commitment to this nation.
  • The sentencing filings and leaks from the Manafort, Flynn & Cohen cases are very damaging to T-RUmp. These disclosures leave little doubt that T-RUmp's campaign conspired with Russians, the House of Saud, Israelis & UAE to create actions which subverted the 2016 election. The end result unfortunately still appears to be that the GOP will not allow anything at all to be done about it.  Until the point that this situation changes, this nation is at risk of becoming a permanent T-RUmpian kleptocracy.
  • Office of Special Counsel disputed Buzzfeed story about T-RUmp instructing Michael Cohen to lie about the Moscow Project has turned into the latest version of T-RUssia tea leaf reading. Despite all the uproar over T-RUmp potentially attempting to suborn perjury, very doubtful the verification of any such activity would move the GOP leadership away from enabling and supporting T-RUmp.
  • Very likely there is something more than just the Moscow Project T-RUmp wants hidden. It is possible that project was going to be the reward if the Russians failed to help get T-RUmp elected. If that is indeed the case, what was an elected T-RUmp to get if fulfills the promise to lift Russian sanctions?
  • Politics in the USA seem to have devolved to voters having to choose between a T-RUmpian kleptocracy producing a vision of ethnic/religious entitlement & supremacy under siege from immigrants versus a larger percentage of the population which believes the nation is under siege from T-RUmp's tyranny of conspiracies, untruth & bigotry.
  • T-RUmp firmly believes that he is the biggest media star in this nation. Maintaining that perceived status is much more important to T-RUmp than actually running this nation or caring about its future.
  • T-RUmpism certainly appears to be a 21st Century American version of endemic Nazism.
  • The mailed pipe bomb were an indicator that as T-RUmp comes increasingly under attack there is a fair chance that there will be more & increasingly violent outbreaks against the Democrats.
  • In the T-RUmpian Era, the super rich & powerful being beyond any accountability is what it is all about.
  • ​T-RUmp may be right that he never worked for Russia. Odds are good that Russia worked for T-RUmp & what T-RUmp has been doing since taking office is paying Russia back.
  • Odd that T-RUmp continues to use the term fake, when everything about T-RUmp is fake. From the top of his head, his wealth, his knowledge down to his election win. T-RUmp is what's "Fake" & he lives in constant fear of being discovered.
  • ​T-RUmp is this planet's biggest example of how far BS can take someone if they really apply themselves to its use.
  • The Khashoggi affair is increasing proof of the level to which the T-RUmp family is compromised by their foreign patrons. Thanks to GOP Control of Congress, likely very little or nothing will be done about it.
  • Why is it that such a large portion of US and the GOP doesn't understand that Putin, the ex-KGB agent, is continuing his life's mission of tearing down Western Civilization. Is the answer that Putin has so much on T-RUmp & most of the GOP that they have no choice but to do his bidding?
  • The USA has long had elements of its government for sale to the highest bidders. T-RUmp has simply taken this aspect of the US political environment to new levels.
  • T-RUmp has made the USA great for bigots, fascists, liars, misogynists, polluters, corporate scofflaws and conspiracy theorists. Is this the vision that Americans want for their nation?
  • T-RUmp & @GOP didn't get into office by playing fair. They will stay there using the same methods.
  • Humanity will survive the reign of T-RUmp. What was known as the USA may not.
  • The "Resistance" wants to believe that T-RUmp is an aberration. T-RUmp is the logical consequence of a very flawed political & electoral system which deems any means used to achieve electoral victory as justified. 
  • T-RUmp seems to believe that his Electoral Collage victory has anointed him as the God-King of the USA.
  • T-RUmp has stoked the fires of racial grievance to pander to his less well-off base while feeding himself & his billionaire friends at the federal government trough.
  • Like T-RUmp, a big percentage of the US poplation is looking for someone else to blame their problems on. Jews, Muslims & brown immigrants (legal/illegal) are a very convenient target.
  • The flap over the Kavanaugh SCOTUS confirmation is simply further proof that a broken, undemocratic US political/electoral system + foreign interference + voter suppression/subversion/apathy + tailored disinformation have put a bunch of unprincipled, old, out-of-touch white misogynists in complete charge of this nation. Justice is rapidly becoming more a matter of culture, race & political affiliation than rule of law.
  • T-RUmp was elected by undemocratic means through allowing his campaign to conspire with hostile foreign interests. Russia did the most for T-RUmp. Overlooking what Saudi Arabia, UAE or Israel did to assist T-RUmp is a mistake.
  • The GOP used to be primarily a party of conservatives. No longer. The GOP is now a party of T-RUmpservatives. Those willing only to serve their own interests & prejudices and completely uninterested in how that may impact the rest of this nation. Make not mistake about this version of the GOP. Just as T-RUmp, the GOP is more than willing to use any means to turn the nation more undemocratic so that the white, Christian-centric corporatocracy is ascendant. 
  • Putin likely owns T-RUmp due to his continuing bail out of T-RUmp's shaky empire & for Russian election help. T-RUmp owns the GOP & this is likely due to what Putin/Russia have on the GOP.
  • Contrary to popular T-RUmpian belief, T-RUmp was elected to represent the peoples of this nation not to rule them. The idea that all that should matter to elected officials are those who did the most to put them into office is political feudalism.
  • The USA now has a POTUS, who touts his personal relationships with Putin and Kim Jong-Un and threatens Canada with destruction.
  • T-RUmp's moves to force McCabe, Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and Strzok out of the FBI probably has at least as much to do with T-Rump's desire to hamstring the FBI's abilities to dig into Russian organized crime & money laundering than actually trying to paint a narrative of an anti-T-RUmp Deep State.
  • In the US, voters are not so much provided with a slate of candidates with differing views from which to select, as herded into voting for a candidate by powerful interests & dark money.
  • The current US political landscape is that 35% of voters are diehard T-RUmp supporters, 45% of voters won't support T-RUmp & 20% of voters will support T-RUmp if the whim strikes them or if there is some personal benefit. This condition likely means the T-RUmpian Kleptocracy remains in place for the foreseeable future.
  • If this nation does manage to survive T-RUmp's autocratic machinations with it's political/electoral systems in place, the political environment is likely to shift hard left so fast that the nation will have a severe case of whiplash (and quite possibly civil unrest).
  • "Truth isn't Truth"
  • In the T-RUmpian Era having an erratic, impulsive, unprincipled person in charge of the nation's nuclear arsenal isn't a national security issue but the person(s) who point it out are.
  • Revelations in Bob Woodward's new book seem to verify and expand upon those in Wolfe & Omarosa's books. The NYT op-ed simply reinforces that T-RUmp's WH is in chaos. USA shouldn't be surprised as chaos is the manner in which T-RUmp has always operated. The real question ought be that based on T-RUmp's history why did @GOP allow him to be their candidate? Then compounding insult to injury a dysfunctional, undemocratic political and electoral system, foreign interference, dark money, voter suppression/subversion and tailored disinformation were allowed to make T-RUmp the POTUS.
  • What kind of businessman goes bankrupt running casinos then runs around calling telling everyone that he is the "King of the Deal"?  What T-RUmp is the king of is exaggerating, obfuscating & outright lying.
  • What the nation should really be asking itself is what kind of system allows a self-promoting, bombastic, bigoted know-nothing the ability to be undemocratically elected to the nation's highest office? 
  • Immigration has replaced abortion as the main political dividing line. There is no question this nation needs concise and enforceable immigration rules & policy. That policy should benefit the nation not corporations, any particular race, religion or ideology. That policy should be humane and reflect the history of our nation.
  • T-RUmp is really much more the master of the shady deal than master of the art of the deal.
  • How is it that someone who has avoided military service, done his best to avoid paying his fair share of taxes & allowed his campaign to conspire with foreign interests to alter a US election for his one benefit, now believes that he has the right to define for the rest of us what it means to be patriotic?
  • T-RUmp has gotten were he is by skirting the rules. T-RUmp will continue to skirt rules & attempt to get exactly what he wants through any means possible, no matter the consequences to the nation.
  • Today's GOP has become a part of those who are white & lean hard right.
  • Russian interference assisted T-RUmp's election and its entirely probably that Russian interference extended well beyond social media effort to actual vote suppression & subversion.
  • T-RUmp seems intent upon ripping apart every relation the USA has with democratic nations. T-RUmp seems to be working toward the creation of an 'Axis of Ego'.
  • Manafort has been convicted of bank fraud charges related to his pro-Putin work in the Ukraine. Cohen pleads guilty to campaign ethics violations which appear to involve T-RUmp. Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates, T-Rump's accountant, Pecker & Patten have plead guilty & agree to cooperate. Don't count on the the GOP being willing to take any action or say much of anything about these crimes. The GOP has simply invested too much into being in complete control of the Federal Government. Likely just like T-RUmp, the GOP will have to be forced to take any action which they feel threatens the political/electoral status quo.
  • The version of the truth that T-Rump tells, T-RUmp's T-RUth, usually is little more than a pack of lies.
  • The Russians have launched a cyber war against Western Civilization. The goal appears to be fragmentation & minimization of Progressive thought & leadership.To date the US has had an almost negligible response to RU cyber provocation. Many in the US Right chose to align themselves with RU efforts in hopes of implementing worn out racial, cultural, gender, moral & ethic views/rules upon the nation's citizens. Some  chose this alignment for their own personal gain.
  • The GOP is sliding further and further into the Alt-Right abyss. The Moore campaign in Alabama was only one example. Having Arpaio. who T-RUmp pardoned on personal whim, as the AZ Senate candidate is another. The GOP seems set on using racist tactics to divide this nation. 
  • Cambridge Analytica worked with Wikileaks during election to disseminate anti-HRC information. T-RUmp Jr communicated directly with WikiLeaks during this period and into 2017. How much those links relate to what was going on with the T-RUmp campaign's Project Alamo and the use of foreign actors at Cambridge Analytica may well become what the T-RUssia story will be about in the long run.
  • T-RUmp will attempted to undo everything Obama did & any Progressive/Socialist act of past 120 years.
  • T-RUmp will continually attempt to use his words to attempt to bend reality to fit his image of himself.
  • Much of T-RUmp's wealth has come from questionable dealings.
  • The only real management T-RUmp has done is the management of the T-RUmp brand.
  • T-RUmp is authoritarian in style & morally corrupt in nature. It is very doubtful that T-RUmp has a conscious.
  • The GOP will do nothing to impede T-RUmp which might result in limits upon their own power.
  • T-RUmp nor much of the GOP care about democracy or the Constitution unless it serves their own interests.
  • T-RUmp will always do what is in his own best interests despite the consequences.
  • T-RUmp & his closest associates are going to have a very hard time distancing themselves from Richard Gates.
  • Currently T-RUmp & crew are trying to sell the narritive that the only collusion in 2016 was between HRC & RU. Would be laughable if GOP, Breitbart, Fox News etc. weren't so dead set on pushing it.

​​​​The question now is not whether T-RUmp Inc conspired with the Russians to impact the 2016 US elections but whether today's USA is willing to tolerate that conspiracy and the self-serving actions of a POTUS not elected in a democratic fashion.

Most likely outcome of T-RUssia Affair:

T-RUMp & his family are hamstrung financially for years after he leaves office from legal actions.


Until 2016, two corrupt political parties controlled the US political/electoral/governmental landscape. Both parties operated in their own self-interest while adhered to time honored ethics & principles. After 2016, the GOP decided that based upon rapidly changing demographics within the nation, it was time to abandon those principles. To maintain power, the time had come to sell off principle to the wealthiest, no matter their nationality.  As a result the USA is now on its way to become the vassal of Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Israel. Barring GOP losing power, what was the USA is gone.

US has a presidential election system which makes it virtually impossible for a candidate not a member of 1 of 2 major parties to be viable. This further subverts democracy & the nation's future. Electoral College needs to be abolished and replaced by popular vote.  In Feb. of election year, hold a national primary. Top 5 candidates regardless of party move on to a July final primary where top 2 candidates, again regardless of party, are all that remains for election final in Nov. Such an action would begin curtailing the completely unreasonable amount of the power that the Democratic & Republican parties have over this nation.  It is time to begin to put an end to the 2-party oligarchy in this nation.


The USA is now a very critical juncture in its history. Either the T-RUmpian drive toward kleptocracy will be thwarted or what the USA has been will be gone.

The unfairness of the Electoral College played an over-sized role in the 2016 POTUS election. The Electoral College is an unfair practice which is now beginning to result in the continual election of unpopular candidates, who do not reflect the will of the majority of Americans. To support an option for correcting this situation, visit: https://equalvotes.us/  

Democracy is a consensus being produced from votes which all count the same

Oligarchy is consensus being produced before the vote based upon votes which have unequal weight

Autocracy is a consensus being produced despite or without the vote

when a leader has successfully set themselves up as being seen as infallible, tyranny ensues

The continual refrain about the USA being an actual democracy is a great disservice to the public. In the US votes do not count equally. Both political parties have created a system which herds voters into their own camps. Representative government in the US has generally been a myth. Today's GOP have taken political actions to an extreme which threaten the freedoms and limited democracy the US enjoys.

US voters will either begin to demand representation which works for the good of the nation or the USA will slide from being a GOP/Democract controlled oligarchy into permanent kleptocracy.

The forces of division are hard at work in the world at this particular juncture. Whether it is in the Middle East, Far East, Western Europe or the United States, the most vocal and active voice are those saying that everything is now a matter of them vs us.  Voices telling us that those who oppose our views are corrupt & evil. Those saying all who oppose our views deserve no say in the future/deserve to be killed. Those saying that the time has come to close our minds to any and all dissenting views. T-Rump's them vs us tirades & his increasingly louder dog whistles to the forces of white nationalism. If the world buys into what these forces are selling, humanity may well be on its way toward continual conflict and a backward flow of human progress.

The USA is a bastion of freedom of expression without real democracy

What might save this nation in the slide from oligarchy to T-RUmpian Kleptocracy would be turning the USA toward genuine democracy.

T-RUmp's bullying tone and shallow mental abilities are a genuine risk for US foreign policy. T-RUmp has set himself upon a course of  alienating our closest allies & moving closer to nations run by dictators. That T-RUmp continues to appear to do the bidding reinforces the conclusion that T-RUmp has been conspiring with Putin in plain sight. The question has now become whether this nation &  Western Civilization will be able to withstand such leadership? 

The core of the USA is either going to stand up for what is right or the nation as it had been known shall be gone

So much of what T-RUmp has done is unprecedented. A one-on-one meeting with Vladimir Putin, where the only people that same to know what was said or committed to are the Russians. Labeling the EU as a 'foe'. Trying to take apart NATO through belligerence. The silence which followed the loss of 4 US service members in Niger was deafening. In the Obama era, having such an ill planned excursion would have been the subject of unending investigations. Having left a service member behind in Daesh territory would have shaken the foundations of Obama's Administration.  T-RUmp's reluctance to talk about the incident & his inconsiderate and forced contact with these service member's families is damning. T-RUmp's trashing of the FBI/DOJ/US IC is at a completely different level. T-RUmp's attacks on these organization present a very real threat of permanent damage to these institutions. The GOP leadership's continued silence on these subjects seems just further proof  that the GOP is more than will to enable T-RUmp as he takes apart the US federal government, rule of law & what little democracy the nation enjoys. Does the GOP recognize that such undemocratic actions are the path to retaining power & implementing a permanent T-RUmpian-style Kleptocracy?

A Global Cyber War has been launched by Putin

Based upon T-RUmp's July meeting with Putin, it is no longer a question of whether or not T-RUmp Inc colluded with the Russians. The question now is how much T-RUmp's continuing collusion with the Russians is going to impact the US. The Russians have launched a Global Cyber War against Western Liberalism. That war is both pervasive and well focused. In the US, the targets & methods the Russians have used raises the question of how this could have been done without inside help?  

T-RUmp and the GOP have launched their own war against democracy and progress

The nation is on the verge of becoming a permanent kleptocracy. That this is being accomplished by a marginally elected POTUS is deeply disturbing. The GOP & T-RUmp are leading a nation in which the majority are not in favor of their policies or actions. Congress actions in forcing T-RUmp to sign off on sanctions against the Russians is a good step toward controlling T-RUmp.  However T-Rump is vindictive & the moment he has a chance to ram these sanctions down the GOP Senate's proverbial throat, he will do it. No action can not be an option.

​The primary object of inciting a "them vs us" environment is to control us

The United States has entered into the beginnings of an internal war driven in large part by external factions.  Russia, the Sauds, Israel, Qatar & the UAE want to drive the USA in a hard right political direction. China & most of the EU are half-heartedly trying to pull the USA toward Socialism. This is a war is not being fought on any battlefields.  This war is being fought in any & all forms of media. The weapons are dark money, cyber attacks, disinformation, insults & ideas. The results are hardening beliefs and increased refusal to tolerate any dissenting view.

The sides in this UnCivil War are:

GOP/Regressives- the forces of repression/regression bent on taking the US back to the Robber Baron era. The GOP wittingly or not has aligned itself closely (perhaps dangerously too close) to Vladimir Putin's Russia & Saudi Arabia. Being anti-science has become almost a creed within this group. Racism cloaked in the form of grievance against non-white immigrants is their primary tool of division. Cultural resentment against the diminished power of white men & the Christian religion is used to stoke hatred.

Dems/Socialists/Progressives - the elitist forces of socialist ideas & posturings seemingly forever locked in a vision of expanding & enhancing the Great Society. The Dems are closely aligned with the EU. This group is little better than the other in being focused only open the wants of their own core members and being incapable of  determining the actual needs of this nation & what will most benefit it.

the T-RUmpian and GOP mantra seems to have become that those with the means may do whatever they want, those without means are undeserving

These two warring sides seem to control between 30-40% of the voting public each. The remaining 20-40% of the nation has been left with little or no real representation. T-RUmp & the GOP have taken great advantage of this dynamic. Though the use of technology the T-RUmpians have taken voter supression/subversion to new levels. During the 2016 election with the help of Cambridge Analytic, Spectrum Health, Project Alamo & perhaps the Russians, T-Rump managed to weaponize his campaign IT systems. Through selectively targeting voters, T-Rump's IT both suppressed HRC vote in select areas such as swing states as well as energizing his base through selective promoting of false stories. Whether T-Rump worked with the Russians on their use of bots, espionage & hacking remains unverified. The end result is this election has turned the US into the GOP & T-Rump's cyber-kleptocracy. Just as with the Russians intervention into the 2016 US election, if anyone thinks the RU/GOP/T-Rump won't enhance these methods in future elections they are deluding themselves. 

The question is how many Americans are caught in the middle & will they wake up to this attack on their political present/future before the US has been turned permanently into a cyber-kleptocracy?

2016 may well be looked back upon as the unraveling of the political system in the USA. The current 2-Party system has the GOP set upon a course of expanding & solidifying an autocracy & the Dems so overcome by social angst that they have become irrelevant. Government in the US is becoming increasingly unrepresentative. Both the GOP & Democrats seem to feel the nation is theirs to control rather than represent. The common good seems to have been replaced by what's good for one of the two main parties.  Those voted in by the few are ruling the many. This is not an accident. The Electoral College, Senate, gerrymandering, voter suppression and the 2-Party system ensure nothing will change any time soon.   The GOP is the current beneficiary of this process. The GOP is dead-set on strengthening it's ability to remain a government empowered by a regressive & powerful minority intent upon retaining power at all costs.  The potential T-RUSsification of USA is slowly grinding the federal government into a vehicle for empowering only the wealthy. US citizens need to decide for themselves whether USA has a future beyond being reclassified as a T-RUmpian kleptocracy.

At a federal level, the USA will either figure out how to elect representative primarily interested in doing what's good for the nation or the USA will continue to slide backwards 

The beginnings of the core T-RUmpians turn on each other has begun. The alpha wolves have begun to eye each other. This won't end well. The overriding question is whether this bad ending is something which the US is capable of overcoming?

Democracy fails when those in power use undemocratic means to retain & expand their power

There are many things which simply do not seem to add up from the 2016 election & its aftermath:

  • How/Why Russian interference in the election could have no impact on election results
  • Why Americans continue to tolerate the electoral college, gerrymandering & voter suppression
  • Why untruth has again become the new normal in American politics
  • Why is so much "Dark Money" pouring into US elections
  • The generally unreported story of social media impacting the election far beyond other sources
  • That weaponized IT systems are the new tools of US political campaigns
  • That T-Rump somehow didn't know or approve all of his campaign teams contacts with the Russians
  • That US elections have become more about herding voters into warring camps than providing representation
  • Why Americans continue to delude themselves into thinking that they live in an actual democracy

The idea the US presidential election process is democratic is a continuing myth

That over past 30 years the US more often than not has had a POTUS which the majority of voters did not seem to want should be of concern to all Americans.

In the 18th Century the Constitution created a strong foundation for the nation. The fact that Constitution has had so little adjustment to meet the realities of 200+ years of change may well prove to be the undoing of the USA.

The USA is either on the verge of coming apart at the seams and becoming the T-Rumpian Kleptocracy or fixing what makes US government unrepresentative

The United States remains in denial that the results of the 2016 POTUS election may have been invalid & that the current POTUS was elected primarily because of Russian interference in the electoral process

I am no fan of the Democrats &  HRC's brand of political largesse.  That the Democrats had the audacity to shove HRC down the voter's throats played right into T-Rump's win. 2016 probably provided this failed part of the US 2-Party system with what it had coming. To have it happen at the hands of the Media, Russians, Wiki-Leaks & the FBI is somewhat unsettling. That so few are up in arms about this incursion into another typically undemocratic US election is an indication of the depths of US voter anathema. There may be serious questions as to whether or not the T-Rump team was in the know about what the Russians & WikiLeaks were doing. Release of Dem's own damning documents is one thing. The creation of false news another. Increasingly however it has become my opinion that HRC's use of the term deplorables against the T-Rumpsters may likely have been the last weight on the scale of the electoral vote. Yes I know that at the point HRC said it, she was referring to only half T-Rump's supporters as a basket of deplorables but that is not what most the nation heard. They processed that HRC had said anyone considering a vote for T-Rump was deplorable. For all of his divisive rhetoric during the campaign, T-Rump may have done less to divide the country than this single remark from HRC.  Her deplorables statement underlined how deeply out of touch HRC & most Democrats were with the cultural and social dynamics of mainstream USA.

For the GOP to continually insist the 2016 POTUS election results were valid beyond being self-serving is patently absurd

If the 2016 US POTUS election has made anything clear, it is that the GOP/Democrats have failed the nation miserably. When their candidates both haf 60%+ disapproval ratings prior to election, something is drastically wrong with what the current 2-Party system is offering. Both parties have become self-serving vehicles for maintaining power. Neither appears capable of representing what majority of citizens want or need in the 21st Century. Evidence is mounting that T-Rump Inc used information acquired from Russia to build a large database (Project Alamo) used to suppress & subvert the vote. There is also increasing evidence of serious abnormalities within the voting systems as well as question concerning the security and audit trail of these systems. Voting suppression and abnormalities have become a serious problem for all democratic institutions. New methods of secure, verifiable voting needs to be created & put in place.

In order to gain & retain power the GOP has been subverting the will of the American people through undemocratic methods.

In 2017 the USA has taken over by the forces of regression. What is worrisome is these forces of regression appear poised to turn themselves into tools of repression. The operative word in T-Rump's #MAGA statement is "Again". The GOP seems to think that the 1950s USA was the epitome of civilization & seems poised to forcefully drag the nation back into the 1950s mentality.  Allowing the GOP rise is the Democrats increasingly being out-of-touch to the point of becoming politically irrelevant.  Through various political rule bending, the GOP has turned the USA into a 1-Party nation. The GOP's entire focus seems to be on keeping the USA in this condition.  What's stunning is the GOP has turned a rapidly shrinking minority into the major political power in the USA through selling fear. Fear of immigrants. Fear of change. Fear of anything which stretches the US fabric. Revelations that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election to denigrate HRC and aid T-Rump cause the validity of that election to be in question. Recent disclosure that T-Rump Inc is under investigation for possibly collaborating with Russian is beyond disturbing & beggars the question why T-Rump is allowed to be in power until this matter is fully resolved. Even if T-Rump Inc unknowingly collaborated with the Russians, how can the results of such a tainted election be allowed to set the course for the nation over the next 4 years?

The USA is no democracy and T-Rump as POTUS is a logical extension of that fact

The real political question in the USA should be whether either the GOP/Dems accurately represents the sentiments of the majority of the American people? If they do not, these parties should either be forced to move toward what the majority of the country wants or be kicked aside. If these parties do however represent the will of the American people, it is doubtful this divide will long continue without serious & even more divisive conflict.  No nation with a huge hole in it's political core will long survive.  Hopefully the nation will understand the time has come to re-invent itself based upon the nation's history and begin a slow and concerted march toward true democracy & freedom. 

T-Rump represents the will of rich & powerful. His goal seems to be a return to the era of US Robber Barons.

T-RUmp's business career in property development has always been about building gated sanctuaries for those who have enough funds to consider themselves beyond the concerns of normal US societies. T-RUmp's "walls" have always been built to keep those concerns and the unentitled out. Beyond T-RUmp's primary goal of POTUS which is enhancing/expanding/enrich the T-RUmp brand his societal goal seems to be to turn the US into a version of his gated communities. A building of physical and legal structures to keep those with power & wealth separate from everyday society. Everyday society is simply a tool to be used to acquire & maintain wealth & power. One need look little further to understand why T-RUmp so admires Vladimir Putin.

T-Rump was brought forth by a disgruntled proletariat longing for a powerful champion. That T-Rump is a self-serving poser is only now beginning to occur to them.

That one of the major US political parties would have tolerated a Presidential candidate whose history includes:

multiple bankruptcies
the veritable destruction of Atlantic City
multiple fines for money laundering
lawsuits spread far & wide
a history of sexual & verbal assault
Trump University
racial discrimination & profiling
shady business dealings & connections

in a limited democracy, kleptocracy doesn't come on the spur of the moment, it comes when resignation sets in

T-RUmp continually boasts that his Administration has done more in a short period of time than any other in US history. The reality is that the only areas where T-RUmp has exceeded other his predecessors are:

  • creating controversy & divison
  • creating ethics violation

The principled party of Lincoln has now become the party of "Greed over Principles" (GOP)

T-Rump and the GOP's recent failure to repeal & replace Obamacare indicate that the nonsense T-Rump has been spewing about having a mandate from the American people is utter nonsense. T-Rump has been on a roll repealing all regulations meant to protect average Americans.  T-Rump, who likes to cast himself as the ultimate deal closer has shown himself to be what he has always been: someone who makes his living posing at being ulta-successful. T-Rump's willingness to cast blame for failures on anyone but himself has always been a disturbing tendency. T-Rump's penchant to cut & run to maintain his image should disturb the American psyche. If T-Rump Inc colluded with the Russians during the 2016 POTUS campaign, no matter what T-Rump says, his presidency is illegitimate. T-Rump latest foray into using the National Enquirer to indicate that he new nothing of Russian links/collusion is lame. T-Rump was responsible for his campaign. If that campaign chose to partner with a hostile foreign power, the blame is on T-Rump.

T-RUmp continues to operate the USA in the same manner that he ran his reality TV programs. The result is rapidly becoming a nation built upon manufactured truths (lies) and empty promises.

T-Rump's firing of Comey/calling Comey a "nut job"/telling Russians that would lower the heat on them has quickly been followed up by reports that T-Rump leaked sensitive intelligence information from an ally to the Russians during his White House meeting with Lavrov & Kislyak in front of TASS.  Either T-Rump whole focus has shifted to how he can lead the US news cycle 24X7 or T-Rump simply has no control over his own thoughts & actions. T-Rump's action was the equivalent of given a group of burglars the keys to a friend's home which you had been given to protect while they are on vacation.

​any nation incapable of acknowledging & addressing its injustices will eventually be brought down by them

The information that has become available publicly on Gen. Flynn & T-Rump Inc's reaction to this information is both extremely strange and disturbing.  Reportedly Flynn was paid $500K by Turkey to serve Erdogan's interests.  This is in addition to the $34K paid by RT for Flynn's Moscow appearance.  Flynn's known communications with Russian Ambassador Kislyak are actually less disturbing than the fact T-Rump supposedly made Flynn NATSEC/DNI after knowing of these links & that Flynn was under investigation because of them. Rep. Cummings wrote a letter to Mike Pence in Nov. 2016 about Flynn. Obama warned T-Rump about Flynn. Sally Yates warned the T-Rump legal council about Flynn & met with him 3 times. All this and Flynn was not only allowed to set policy favorable to Turkey & Russia but was kept on as DNI until the story of Yates informing T-Rump about Flynn leaked to the press.  That Flynn was a paid agent of Turkey & made decisions on arming the Kurds that Turkey wanted is collusion pure & simple.  How would anyone with the least concern possible for the security of the nation have allowed Flynn to function in his position as DNI until these allegations were resolved?

The actual State of the Nation after 18 months of T-RUmp's rule: a series of actions and controversies meant to turn this nation into a gated white community which empowers only the forces of corporate greed & religious/ethnic intolerance

T-Rump also does not seem to understand that his attacks on the FBI and US Intelligence community will have consequences.  With T-Rump's history of questionable dealings with the mob & Russians you would think he might have enough sense not to anger the 2 groups that can go after him with a vengeance. As with most everything T-Rump has done in his life, in this area he has shown once again that T-Rump truly believe no rules ever apply to T-Rump.  T-Rump may however feel that as long as the GOP has his back nothing the FBI/Special Counsel or IC come up with on him has any chance of leading to either being impeached by the House or convicted by the Senate.

The T-Russification of the nation is leading the USA into uncharted political & legal waters

There are now 2 warring camps within the T-RUmpian Kleptocracy: the Crypts (Bannon, Gorka & other fascist forces) & the Bloods (T-RUmps by blood/marriage or because they wannabe).  T-RUmp drifts between the 2 camps picking as choosing at his whim.  The military & career people are caught in the middle never sure which direction things are going but understanding that when it all comes apart as long as T-RUmp remains the Bloods will too.  

T-RUmpians are tribalists intent upon bending political realities to fit their limited views on existence

T-Rump's presidency has now begun to unravel because of Russian connections. T-Rump's firing of James Comey is increasing proof that there is more to the T-Rump-Russian connections (T-RUSsification) than meets the eye. First there was Manafort & Page. Then Flynn. Tales of a tape outlining a deal between T-Rump & the Russians.  Tales of a deal between FSB, T-Rump campaign carried out by B.Epshteyn. Sally Yates was fired for what seems to be outing Flynn. Comey was fired for not killing the T-RUSsification investigation.  The T-Rump Inc revolving door of those with Russian connections is in full operations. Flynn & Ephsteyn exiting may be only the beginning.  Sessions & Kushner's meeting with Russian ambassador remains floating in the air.  Devin Nunes recent running to T-Rump with intelligence before bringing it before the committee which he chairs epitomizes the GOP stance on the T-RUSsification issue.Flynn & Giuliani are supposedly talking. Roger Stone & Carter Page are all over the talk shows. UK and other EU IC sources are said to have had the goods on T-Rump. Rumors that a T-Rump tape taken to Moscow is circling.  But what the FBI and Congressional investigations are doing/not doing is uncertain and there there is the problem that there is little/no legal guidance on possible actions and T-Rump Inc if these allegations are proved.  Like T-Rump's Reality TV programs, who knows what is going to end being real & what has been fabricated for ratings purposes.

Comey's firing may be the first warning signs the the nation is about to be taken over in full by a marginally or illegitimately elected POTUS.  A POTUS who may have conspired with a hostile foreign nation to reach his position. The nation will either make a choice to stand up to T-Rump or the nation will sink rapidly into being a Putin-style kleptocracy.

The GOP will do what benefits the GOP / The Democrats will do what benefits the Democrats

The T-Rumpocracy is on the rise and either the GOP aides & abets it or the GOP falls with it

Many political pundits seem to feel that T-Rump could have put the T-RUSsification story to rest at the beginning of his administration simply by calling for an independent investigation and opening up his & the T-Rump Org books.  Am highly skeptical that this would have had any possibility of working for T-Rump. T-Rump simply has too many Russian connections for the T-RUSsification story to ever go away without T-Rump going with it. T-Rump's only hope of political survival appears to be the full implementation of the T-Rumpocracy. All forms of questioning T-Rump's motives must be suppressed. Compliance should not be optional. My belief is T-Rump knows either the T-Rumpocracy rises & flourishes or T-Rump will be forced to try to take down all that stand in his way.

The majority of the GOP will drag their feet on investigations of the T-Rump & Russian connection, there appears to be a point rapidly approaching when even the GOP will have a choice between investigating T-Rump Inc or doing everything it can to implement the T-Rumpocracy.  This leaves the USA in both dangerous and uncharted territory. 

The fundamental issue with T-Rump as POTUS is that he can always be counted to do what is best for T-Rump no matter the impact upon the nation.

There is very little if any guiding principle for the nation which even suggest what should be done in circumstances where a US election has been proven to be compromised. The US may well be reaching a time in it's history where partisanship or patriotism will be the choice between autocracy or psuedo-democracy. At this point it is doubtful that T-Rump's pledge to make America great goes anywhere other than filling T-Rump & the GOP's pockets. Rumors that Mike Flynn has cut a deal with FBI do not bode well for T-Rump Inc. Page has supposedly been under FISA approved surveillance since June of 2016. Manafort, Page & Stone may be key to unraveling this mess but the Senate Intelligence Committee looking into Kushner's meeting with Russian banker Gorkov could go south fast for T-Rump Inc. However as long as the GOP is taking the slow road to even acknowledging T-Rump Inc may have consorted with the Russians, it all goes nowhere.

The GOP has become a party driven by retaining power at any/all costs. Whether T-Rump is the cause or logical extension of this drive is an unanswered question.

T-Rump has certainly led this nation to interesting and rather dangerous point in our history.  Considering T-Rump Casino's 2015 fine of persistent/long-lasting money laundering, it would not be much of surprise if T-Rump himself has been under FISA surveillance for quite some time.  T-Rump's attempt to focus the investigations on Obama era surveillance are an attempt to bully & bluster his way past any T-RUSsification links. That D.Nunes has gotten himself involved is nothing if not bizarre. Both T-Rump & GOP have shown themselves to be more interested in protecting themselves than our nation. As long as this remains the GOP track, T-Rump will get away with anything he has done or will do.

Any American, not caring that a hostile foreign power interfered in a US election to impact the outcome, has no right to dictate other Americans what patriotism is or means. 

The US Intelligence agencies seem to have confirmed by mid-2016 that the Russians were hard at work subverting the election.  The IC's approach seems to have been that it was more important to protect their sources & methods in discovering this intrusion that telling the American people their election was at risk.  Perhaps the IC felt that HRC was so certain of winning that it made no difference what the RU was doing? Perhaps like many of America's politician the IC was more interested in protecting their reputation than the the nation?

Money laundering seems to be a consistent theme within T-Rump Inc.

In 2015 T-Rump Casino was fined for persistent money laundering. Wilbur Ross ran the Bank of Cyprus which has a long history of laundering Russian oligarch's funds. Paul Manafort is being investigated for possible money laundering through Cyprus. T-Rump campaign potential eminence grise, Dmitry Rybolovlev used to be part-owner in Bank of Cyprus.  Deutsche Bank, T-Rump's main lender, has been caught laundering money through NYC real estate via the Bank of Cyprus.  T-Rump's interest in Feb. meeting with Alexander Torshin.  Money (& data) laundering may well turn out to be the key in any meaningful T-RUSsification investigation. 

Are T-Rump & GOP more interested in protecting themselves than protecting our nation against Russian intervention?

A popular vote win wasn't a win

RU election meddling wasn't meddling

Encouraging interference by a hostile foreign nation isn't collusion

T-RUmp obstructing isn't obstructing

The truth is not the truth

A crime is not a crime

The USA is no longer the USA

Less than 4 months into his presidency T-Rump:

  • Named Michael Flynn to the NatSec position & kept him there for 3 weeks after being informed Flynn was a foreign agent
  • Accused Obama of illegally wiretapping him
  • Fired Sally Yates
  • Fired James Comey
  • Cozied up to dictators far & wide
  • Done his best to alienate the closest US allies
  • Used US Military actions to try to make himself look decisive
  • Pushed a very flawed healthcare bill through the House to make himself look good
  • Signed executive order after executive order
  • Distanced himself from anyone linked to the Russia investigation
  • Played a lot of golf
  • Spent a lot of time at T-Rump properties 

So many Russian connections yet no collusion: 

T-Rump won't release taxes but T-Rump's sons have said significant Russian financial linkage
Kushner's request to Moscow for a secure communications link
Cambridge Analytica & Alfa Bank network link into server at T-Rump Tower
Rumors RUS significantly invested in T-Rump's debt - Trump Soho as #1 example
project Alamo data collection & replication
The T-Rumpian history of money laundering
Mercers & Renaissance Technologies
Pattern of shady real estate dealings with Russian oligarchs
T-Rump's insistence of inserting pro-Russian Ukraine plank in GOP platform
"Russia, if you are listening"
Dearlove's accusation that the Russians bailed T-Rump out of his financial crisis
Flynn, Manafort, Roger Stone, Carter Page, Wilbur Ross, Boris Epshteyn, Erik Prince, Richard Burt, Sam Clovis, JD Gordon, Arthur Finkelstein, Medvedchuk, Kaveladze, Mogilevich, Abramovich, Lev Leviev, Pavel Fuchs, Konstantin Kilimnik, Levashov, Mashkevich, Golubchik, Khrapunov, Boris Birshtein, Kiritchenko, Deripaska, Mammadov
CIM Group transactions
T-Rump hesitancy to say nothing bad about Putin
Tillerson named Secretary of State

Sessions' forgetfulness about meetings with Russians
Ross named Secretary of Commerce
Wikileaks & Guccifer connections to FSB
T-Rump campaign's fore-knowledge of Wiki-Leaks releases during campaign & synchronization with releases of Russian fake news
Flynn's sanction calls with Russian Ambassador
Page, Manafort, Flynn & Epshteyn being cut loose & minimized
Sessions & Kushner meetings with Russian Ambassador 
Kushner & Flynn meeting with Gorkov
Allegations & fines related to money laundering during T-Rump's casino years
NYT story of frequent T-Rump campaign contacts with RUS agents during the election
Dossier release of FSB Intel holdings regarding T-Rump & possible Congress testimony of C.Steele
T-Rump's Moscow visit during 2013 Miss Universe & friendship with main Putin ally
Rybolovlev's purchase of T-Rump's over-priced FL mansion
Bayrock Group LLC + Kazakhstan + Arifov +Sater + Firtash + Tokhtakhunov + Millian + Kalugin + Torshin + Svetlana Lokhova + Aras Agalarov + Chayanov(Hostkey) connections
Iceland's FL Group ( http://icelandmag.visir.is/article/failed-donald-trump-tower-included-busted-icelandic-investment-company-fl-group-key-partner )
Trump Toronto Tower + Alex Shnaider
Trump Tower + Anatoly Golubchik

If the Russians have compromised T-Rump, that compromise has nothing to do with ideology or blackmail. The only thing really capable of compromising T-Rump are $.  If T-Rump either owes or is beholding to the Russians for most of his income, this goes a long way toward explaining T-Rump's pro-Putin bent.

Grabbing power through any means possible is not democracy


wherever T-RUmp leads, you must gladly follow

T-RUmp never lies, T-RUmp simply is gifting humanity with his very own special reality

if T-RUmp denies it, it never happened

T-Rump does not see the need to listen to other people; T-RUmp only sees the need for other people to listen to him

you must pledge your allegiance to the great & powerful T-RUmp & to the greed for which he stands

T-RUmp's always right, even when T-RUmp is wrong

It never matters what T-RUmp does. It only matters what T-RUmp says he does

T-RUmp is never wrong, all wrong lies in the hearts & minds of T-Rump's opponents
Rules are for those who do not support T-RUmp

that which is good for T-RUmp is good for everyone else & if it isn't, it's not only wrong but punishable
T-RUmp never fails. The failure is always in others not seeing T-RUmp's true greatness

the very wealthy have the inherent right to make all rules as well as not obey any existing rule
when your are fighting godless Progressives, it matters not what tools or methods are to used

everything is always about T-RUmp & if it isn't, it should be
what T-RUmp wants, is what the nation is going to get
if it ain't white, it probably ain't right
T-RUmp never loses; the Press simply cannot keep score correctly

anything that aides an investigation into T-RUmp is conspiring with the enemy
either deny it /always make certain that you say it must have simply been coincidental/attack your attackers
T-RUmp never has to answer for his own actions
if it is protects T-RUmp, it cannot be a lie
T-RUmp does what he wants, when he wants & if you don't like it that's too damned bad

T-RUmp is and always will be the final judge of everything 

Being T-RUmpian means never having to say that you are wrong or sorry

let the alternative facts roll
rise to political power on conspiracies; survive through more political conspiracies

whatever T-RUmp does/says is fine, the problem lies with those critiquing T-RUmp's actions
if T-RUmp wants it, T-RUmp should be able to get it

all that is really important is what does the most good for T-RUmp, anything else is simply immaterial
it's never a lie if it increases the possibility of a sales opportunity

If T-RUmp thinks it can help himself/his rich pals, T-RUmp is going to do it. How it effects anyone else is their problem.
if T-RUmp says it, it has to be true
if T-RUmp believes it that should end any & all discussion of it

after T-RUmp's hostile takeover of the nation, T-RUmpians do not believe anything T-RUmp does is an abuse of power
if it is good for the T-RUmps, it has to be good for the nation
T-RUmp always reserves the right to change his story/mind &when he does, reality should always change with it
whatever a T-RUmp wants; a T-RUmp gets
the only rules any T-RUmpian should follow are T-RUmp's rules
the only bottom line that ever really matters is T-RUmp's
everyone in T-RUmp's orbit is only there to serve T-RUmp
there are never any boundaries for T-RUmp, only opportunities
ask not what T-RUmp can do for you rather ask yourself what you should be doing for T-RUmp
T-RUmp is always right & if you think he isn't, you're the one that is wrong

T-RUmp only tells the best lies, the very best lies
if it puts $ in T-RUmp's pocket, it has to be legal

That the GOP would have allowed anyone as dishonest & corrupt as T-RUmp to take over their party is hard to comprehend. That during the election the Media was more interested in reporting on T-RUmp's wild & crazy actions and circus-style campaign events rather than his history of questionable activities is malfeasance. That the US Government allowed the 2016 election to continue once the depths of Russian involvement in subverting the election surfaced is gross misrepresentation.

Least anyone thing that the ignorance & arrogance was limited to T-Rump Inc, the HRC campaign was little better except in the area of consorting with a foreign entity (and it must be strongly noted that not conspiring with foreign entities puts HRC on a much higher moral/ethical plain than T-Rump). After HRC's private email experience & FBI investigation in that area, the fact that she/her campaign/DNC did little to protect any of their data & messaging is simply mind boggling in this day & age.  HRC, the DNC & crew are obviously completely out of touch with data security requirements. Beyond this that anyone running for the highest public office, after over 25 years near the center of public attention, would not understand that anything that is written in a message may come back to haunt you beggars belief.

Whatever T-Rump did or did not do with the Russians in 2016 needs to be investigated.  Possible links and debts T-Rump has with Russia need to be tracked down. However don't be surprised if nothing ever comes from either. The GOP has absolutely no interest in taking T-Rump down for doing so, may take them with him. It's also hard to believe even the FBI wants to release information on a scandal so capable of doing long term damage to the USA as it currently exists. Would not be surprised that if the T-RUSsification actually has legs, T-Rump & the GOP work out some form of deal that allows him to stay in office but in a severely limited capacity. Signs that T-Rump is jettisoning most of this Alt-Right element may well indicate this. One thing you can be certain: the GOP is more interested in protecting itself than this nation.  Many of us may simply not live long enough to know what actually happened with T-Rump & the 2016 election.

Based upon reports that the New York State Attorney General is exploring a RICO indictment against T-Rump due to his charitable organization and questionable tax and money laudering practices. T-Rump may not be out of the woods even if the GOP figures out a way to protect him.

The GOP certainly can't control that investigation or indictment. Problem is RICO convictions usually take a long time to process and are not always easy to bring to fruition.

Whether their was collusion or not, T-Rump was the Kremlin Candidate in the 2016 POTUS election

T-Rump seems more interested in listening to the voices coming from the Alt-Right Media than the FBI or IC

T-Rump's grandfather wanted to return to Prussia. T-Rump appears intent on turning USA into a modern PRussia

Then there is Turkey, UAE, Seoul, Saipan, Pune & Azerbaijan

Perhaps T-Rump's fascination with V. Putin indicates that T-Rump goal is to become the US version of  Putin? Perhaps T-Rump saw himself as having already become the most successful & powerful American Oligarch so why not go full-Putin & seek to become the strongman of the Americas?  Not just POTUS but an Alt-Right force driving out migrants, the center & left and creating a primarily white nationalist nation.  

Fortunately for the majority of Americans, T-Rump represents a distinctly minority view. The risk is that GOP currently appears unwilling/unable to reign T-Rump in. At the moment the courts appear to be major blocking point against T-Rump's more outlandish executive orders. The T-Rump Inc push currently seems to be against non-citizens, the bulk of whom are Latino/Muslim. Protests are becoming the new norm but how long before T-Rump Inc pushes back by labeling these protests un-American & perhaps taking steps to totally disenfranchise those involved?  Their are rumors T-Rump Inc may start having the Feds arrest the mayors of sanctuary cities. Americans may need to decide quickly if USA is to be a repressive nation of white nationalism under the pretext of fighting terrorism or whether as Geo. Washington said, "The bosom of America is open to receive not only the opulent and respectable stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all nations and religions, whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment."

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America is becoming a 1-Party state based on the T-Rump Inc version of white nationalism.

Beyond foreign interference, 2-Party system, gerrymandering, voter suppression another very disturbing element of the US political system are the US voting methods and the lack of security & flexibility surrounding those systems. Neither of the 2 major parties have any interest in addressing this issue. Neither seem concerned that these systems are wide open to hacking with very limited ability to audit.  There seems little reason why the US should not be moving toward a secure system where voters can vote either on-line, via telephone or mail with the ability to track their own votes.

With the move of the 2 main parties of the USA toward the right (GOP) & left (Democrats) fringes, more & more Americans are left with viable candidates representing their choices & interests. The only remedy seems to be those voters banding together and forcing the political direction of this nation back toward the center & elected officials which actually represent the will of the majority of this nation.

Election results may have been stunning but have done nothing to disprove my belief that the US POTUS election/political system fails to represent the will of the nation. The 2-Party system force feeds candidates on the nation which are often not wanted. The Media becomes complicit in insuring that the 2-Party candidates remain the only viable choices. If there is 1 clear-cut takeaway from the 2016 POTUS election, it should be that the system needs to be changed to stop the disenfranchisement of voters.  Voting methods need to become more automated & secure. Primary election process needs to move out of control of GOP/Dems & into the hands of the US voters. A system which reduces a broad number of candidates. regardless of their political affiliation, down to 2 final choices should be the goal. The results of this national election should be based upon popular votes to allow a return of power to the individual.  The only way such change will happen is if voters don't lose interest & demand it.

Whether US voters will take up the challenge or continue to try to get by in a flawed, undemocratic system should be a primary question over the next 3/4 years. Staging protests in the streets will only further divide (& leave me wondering how many of those now protesting actually voted). What may actually bring lasting change is a clear & consistent demand that US election system become democratic & representative in nature.

The GOP has lead the nation to a disturbing and undemocratic place. For years the GOP has been working to suppress democracy. In 2016 this drive has reached culmination. The GOP now likes to portray itself as a party of the non-elites. Don't be fooled. The GOP has become the party of the wealthy & those who firmly believe they have the God-given right to rule. Those which have brought forth powers which over-ride the will of majority of the voters. Those who firmly believe they are more capable & correct than the voters. This may well be the beginning of a dangerous, more autocratic era in these dis-United States.

The irony of all the GOP manipulation of the US electoral system is that T-Rump Corp has usurped the GOP's work and used it to create a hostile takeover of the nation. Without the divides & unfairness that the GOP has managed to created, T-Rump would not have been successful. With a little help from the alt-right & RUS friends, T-Rump Corp is now the primary vehicle of power in these dis-United States.

The US Tea Party was begun as result of the "too big too fail" mentality in 2008. That which the Tea Party has wrought is a POTUS not only too big to fail but too big to be held accountable. The results of 21st Century Tea Party actions have been: Goldman-Sachs, Exxon & a possible Russian plant taking over the nation.  One of the more amazing aspects of the rise of T-Rumpism as a political factor is his popularity with lower income whites, who feel they have become disenfranchised by immigrants (both legal & illegal) as well as unfair trade agreements. Part of their basis for this is bigotry, & there is little question that T-Rump is a bigot but that T-Rump is now their champion is astounding as T-Rump is extremely intolerant of the middle & lower classes except when he needs something from the them.  T-Rump's supporters who currently are taking advantage of mandated healthcare through Obamacare may soon find themselves with the GOP-don't-care.  T-Rump Inc views labor as a necessary business expense to be bought as cheaply as possible & discarded when no longer needed. T-Rump Inc's position on labor is hardly unique.  If workers in the USA took a hard look at what has lead to their marginalization in this nation, that attitude is a primary cause. If companies had viewed their human resources as valued partners rather than simply fodder for a capital generating machine, those workers might not be in their current situation. Having chosen T-Rump as their standard bearer is unlikely to get low-income whites little or  much of anything & may actually end up making their lot worse through loss of what little social safety net they had.

Unfortunately the advent of T-Rump Nation is likely going to be the advent of continual protests & civil disobedience. US will be at cross purposes & as deeply divided as it was in 1860.  That which follows may well define the US as a nation for the next 20 years. The alt-right & white identity political people need to be identified for what they are "Fascists". The advent of an authoritarian government with intolerant views is on the threshold. Whether the public sits back & lets the loudest, angriest voices take over the nation is in the balance.

If US voters truly want real participation in the political process, they must create that change not wait for it to happen.

Even before taking office T-Rump may have degrade the office of the US presidency more than anyone in the history of the nation. Beyond simply extremely boorish behavior, T-Rump may have sold out the nation for this own political gain.  Beyond all the other unrepresentative elements of the US election process which need fixing, well past time for a set of requirements to be set for holding the office of POTUS. At a minimum, this requirement should meet or exceed all the vetting required for the highest level security clearance in the US government. The nation has much more at risk in the T-Rump presidency than the loss of their healthcare. 

Due to his background, T-Rump is likely to see his victory much like a corporate takeover (and to the American people this may well be a hostile takeover). T-Rump is and always has been self-promoting & self-serving which may well become his political undoing.  Hard to imagine T-rump not using the most powerful platform in Western Civilization to aggrandize himself over doing what is right for the nation. The T-Rump Administration is beginning to appear very much as the same disorganized, narcissistic mess of nepotism that is T-Rump Corp. Expect continuing assaults on the 1st Amendment from T-Rump. Expect T-Rump to make his every move an advertisement for T-Rump's brand.  Expect T-Rump to do his best to turn the executive branch of US government into reality TV. Expect US reputation in the world to take a serious dive as T-Rump is the very definition of the ugly American.  Bottom line however is that US voters, whether through desperation, anger or belief have managed to make T-Rump POTUS with a little help from the Russians & the electoral college. That this continues to be tolerated is a testament to the GOP being very willing to put their own self-interests above that of the nation (not the the Democrats are any better).

T-Rump has a long & sordid history of promising everything, delivering a little of it lined with a gilt edge & blaming someone else when things fall apart.  From my perspective this does not appear to be very promising for a T-Rump tenure as POTUS however long that turns out to be. T-Rump is nothing else if not unpredictable. 

Many have blown off T-Rump's statements that he knows more than the generals/intelligence community/judiciary/experts as hubris. They are wrong. T-Rump Inc truly believes that the USA is in a security crisis & that all of the so-called experts are the source of this problem. T-Rump Inc is not going to listen to any of those experts or Media on anything. T-Rump Inc is more likely to believe what pops up on InfoWars or Breitbart than what comes out of the military or intelligence agencies. Make no mistake, T-Rump Inc believes the USA needs to be an isolated, segregated police state built to enable & support Naked Capitalism.  Don't be surprised as the majority of what T-Rump Inc does moves the nation in this direction.

T-Rump's initial efforts to form a cabinet appear very much as if T-Rump is hell-bent on molding the USA in the image of his company. His kids seem to be running everything. Bannon's drive to deconstruct the federal government & is very worrying, particularly in regard to Russian connection allegations. All appointments seemed based on toeing the T-Rump Inc's party line.  T-Rump is not divesting himself of his corporation. T-Rump seems intent on making the USA T-Rump Inc. All simply a further sign that the USA is moving closer to being a kleptocracy than a representative democracy.  Then there is the potential for T-Rump stuffing the Supreme Court with right wingers at a time when the country is become more diverse by the day. T-Rump also is someone that expects people to always do what is good for T-rump, so entirely possible his voters will end up feeling abandon & cheated. 

The biggest worry with the T-Rump victory is that some intemperate action on his part leads to nuclear conflict. Considering his standard tactics is to smash someone in the mouth first & then negiotate, that risk is real. A rich kid, who has never had any tendency to control his spending habits is a precursor for the national debt expanding significantly over next 4 years. T-Rump also doesn't seem to understand China owns much of this debt.  If T-Rump makes good on his promise to round up & deport illegals,  a very real outcome of the T-Rump presidency may be a serious drive by the state of California to leave the United States & form their own country. A 2018 CA ballot initiative is now in place to allow CA to exit the union. Depending upon where trade & immigration conflicts lead this may become the tipping point for the dissolution of the United States as it is now known.

Until it no longer benefits him, T-Rump always means what he says. The huge issues that T-Rump has with conflict of interest will not go away. It may be entirely possible that due to carried-forward tax, debt obligations & living expenses, T-Rump simply cannot get by without income for the T-Rump Corp operations.  T-Rump is not going to give up the T-Rump brand while he is POTUS. T-Rump Corporation will continue to provide distractions. How T-Rump & GOP imagine his kids can run his corporation without there being any conflict of interest is mind boggling.  Do to tax & debt constraints, there may be a possibility that T-Rump simply cannot afford to shed much of his corporation. T-Rump may also quickly find out that he has a lot of debt which he has to service & not nearly enough steady income to meet the payments. The $400K/yr POTUS salary won't cover his condo fees. If T-Rump can control himself long enough to remain in office for 48 months another very real risk is the possibility that he will manage to financially bankrupt the nation. The national debt is rapidly approaching 20 Trillion dollars. In a stagnant economy with negative population growth, this can be a death sentence.

At the first T-Rump White House Press event Sean Spicer slapped the press around for insinuating T-Rump inauguration was not the most viewed inauguration in USA history. This was followed up a day later by T-Rump adviser Kellyanne Conway stated that Spicer was simply presenting "alternative facts".  In T-Rump Inc, there are no alternative facts. There are only T-Rump facts. Everyone at T-Rump Inc goes against these facts at their own peril

Long-term progressives may have been dealt a boon by having T-Rump elected POTUS at this point in US history. T-Rump's drive to bring back manufacturing, coal & isolate the country is very likely to backfire. The US is also on the verge of having more technology to replace one of the better paying non-skilled jobs in the US: truck drivers. Those who believed T-Rump was a return to past glory may well find that he is truly the fast track to real ruin. US companies whose sales are global will be unable to compete by manufacturing in the US. If most of a company's sales are outside of US, that company would be foolish to remain US based. It may be possible that the result of a T-Rump presidency is more not less US companies leaving.  It is entirely possible T-Rump will be viewed by history as the Herbert Hoover of the 21st Century.

T-RUmp never lies, T-RUmp simply is gifting humanity with his very own special reality
if T-RUmp denies it, it never happened

the institutionalization of lies, self-dealing and bigotry

cheating is the key to winning

nothing is as important as T-RUmp
T-RUmp is never wrong, all wrong lies in the hearts & minds of T-Rump's opponents
that which is good for T-RUmp is good for everyone else & if it isn't, it's not only wrong but punishable
only the very wealthy have any right to make rules/ not obey existing rules
either deny it /always make certain that you say it must have simply been coincidental/attack your attackers
T-RUmp never has to answer for his own bad actions
if it is protects T-RUmp, it cannot be a lie
if T-RUmp believes he has found something better, he will dump those/that are currently serving him to get it
T-RUmp never pays; those around him do
T-RUmp never pays for his sins, someone else always does
If it involves T-RUmp, it has to be the most important thing in the universe
T-RUmp never fails, if there is failure it is someone else’s fault
let the alternative facts roll
rise to political power on conspiracies; survive through more political conspiracies
whatever T-RUmp does/says is fine, the problem lies with those critiquing T-RUmp's actions
if T-RUmp wants it, T-RUmp should be able to get it
all that is really important is what does the most good for T-RUmp, anything else is simply immaterial
it's never a lie if it increases the possibility of a sales opportunity
if T-RUmp says it, it has to be true
if T-RUmp believes it that should end any & all discussion of it
after T-RUmp's hostile takeover of the nation, T-RUmpians do not believe anything T-RUmp does is an abuse of power
if it is good for T-RUmp, it has to be good for the nation
T-RUmp always reserves the right to change his story/mind &when he does, reality should always change with it
whatever a T-RUmp wants; a T-RUmp gets
the only rules any T-RUmpian should follow are T-RUmp's rules
the only bottom line that ever really matters is T-RUmp's
everyone in T-RUmp's orbit is only there to serve T-RUmp
there are never any boundaries for T-RUmp, only opportunities
ask not what T-RUmp can do for you rather ask yourself what you should be doing for T-RUmp
T-RUmp only tells the best lies, the very best lies
if it puts $ in T-RUmp's pocket, it has to be legal

T-Rump can change your taxes, health care & maybe even your economic status. T-Rump cannot change your beliefs.

T-Rump may have a serious conundrum in deciding how far to go in rounding people up.  If he does he will appease this white nationalist supporters & begin alienation of moderate right. If he doesn't those core T-Rumpster are not going to be very happy. On a variety of other issues, T-Rump may be performing this dance for next 4 years. Either he will become tired of it & decide to do what he wants or he alienates one faction or the other.

T-Rump is likely to have so many things coming at him at one time, he may have trouble understanding what has happened to him.  T-Rump will also be under a microscope from his foes. His every action & utterance will be dissected & analyzed. His every move will be monitored. T-Rump is now the political microbe in the US petri dish.

The USA has entered a very dangerous period in the history of the Republic

The nation is rapidly losing any ability that it had to compromise on any subject. The US has gradually slid into conflict between two warring political camps. Many seem to feel that any means are justfied to reach their desired political ends (and this probably goes a long way toward explaining the T-Rump phenomena). Among major nations, the US has the longest history of stable government (Civil War not withstanding). That the US has done so little to modify the nature of its constitutional structure may go a long way toward explaining this success.  Increasingly however the inability to have modified that structure to fit modern realities is driving the nation further and further from real democracy. The GOP has learned how to game the system in ways the founders could not imagine (not that Dems don't play the same games). The issue has become that there simply aren't enough members of the political establishment willing to allow the interests of the nation to come before partisan sentiment. Failure to make necessary corrections may well prove to be our nation's undoing. 

There also may be a new dynamic in place between the GOP & Dems. Currently the Dems are hard at work dissing T-Rump in every manner possible (a relatively easy task). What the Dems may soon discover is that the GOP's end game may very well turn out to have T-Rump removed/abdicate. T-Rump's removal would open up the entire political landscape to be molded into the current GOP regressive vision. Gerrymandering on a grand scale. Complete control of the governance, courts & elections on a national scale.  The GOP's problem is going to be how to do this without enraging T-Rump's core supporters. If such a scenario comes to being, what will be very interesting is how the Dems & never-T-Rumpers respond. Will they be so focused on the undoing of T-Rump that they will assist the GOP? Or might they come to understand that T-Rump as dangerous as he seems, may be their firewall from the current GOP taking over the nation for the next 20-30 years?

For the Democrats, things are beginning to turn toward becoming what the Whig party was during the presidency of Andrew Jackson: a meaningless mob of whiners.

If the 2016 POTUS election was nothing else, it should be a blunt reminder that democracy is and has been only a figment of imagination for those living inside US borders. The GOP & Democrats control for whom you may vote. The Media is constantly reminding you how you should vote. The electoral process makes certain that all votes do not count equally & that some votes simply do not count at all.  The US continues to be a political system controlled & maintained for the benefit of the entitled few. T-Rump will be no different than those coming before him in maintaining & reinforcing this power structure.

T-Rump is an opportunist willing to do whatever is necessary to get what T-Rump wants. The current version of the GOP is quickly becoming just like T-Rump.

The Americas are lands of human immigration. A place where human evolution has a chance to reassess & re-invent itself. The original settlers were human who traveled vast distances seeking better hunting grounds & the chance to establish their own ways of life. Many who came after felt the same way. However as often happens in the course of human progress those ways of life began to conflict with each other. In these United States of America, we are all Immigrants. Some came seeking personal gain. Some came seeking freedom. All came in quest to move away from something. 4th of July parades, fireworks & baseball are all wonderful but they do not truly represent the American way of life. What does is immigration. Moving from one land to another for opportunity. There are risks & real dangers in immigrating. There shall always be challenges & conflicts when migrating into an already populated land.  What the people of the Americas might do well to understand is these human migrations for all their trials & tribulations have resulted in more freedom & better lives.

The USA is a powerful, prosperous failing union of pseudo-democracy & personal freedoms. The 2-Party system, gerrymandering, voter suppression, electoral college & election rules make certain that this condition is unlikely to change any time soon.

Consider some preliminary (and very much subject to modification) proposals to move US toward real democracy:

  • Re-write 12th Amendment & Abolish Electoral College
  • 5 term limit for members of Congress. 2 term limit for Senators
  • Candidates running for Congress, POTUS, VP must release at least 7 most current years of taxes & be capable of receiving a US Gov't Secret Security clearance.
  • Presidential Primaries shall be run at the same time independent of political party.  4Phases with All eligible in Round #1, top 5 finishers in 2nd round, top 3 in round #3 & only top 2 in November finale
  • Use 1-2-3 ranked tier voting in all elections with 50%+ required for the victor
  • Develop non-biased computer programs to perform contiguous voter redistricting 
  • Secure ID cards for all US citizens which can be used for voting & voting verification
  • Expand voting methods, times & security
  • Address the lack of representation/statehood for the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico & other US Territories
  • The nation would be much better off if a large percentage of Congress were independent rather than members of the main political parties
  • Do away with PACs & provide a fixed amount of campaign funding which may not be exceeded. Ban foreign actors & collusion with Non-US actors in all elections.
  • Restrict lobbying actions to proposal submissions made by electronic means independent of legislator
  • Create Federal & Supreme Court Judge term limits. 12 years?
  • tighten the Conflicts of Interest rules & Emoluments clause
  • Eliminate Senate filibuster and reform debate rules
  • Increase the working days in Legislative calendar & provide means for Legislators to inter-act with their districts remotely
  • Provide some form of voting representation for the residents of Washington DC & the territories
  • Adopt a biennial budget cycle
  • Reduce number of Presidential appointments requiring Senate approval
  • Only US citizens may participate in an election campaign. 
  • Any US citizen who has ever registered as a foreign agent or meets the criteria for needing to register as a foreign agent cannot participate in an election campaign or serve elected officials in any directly related capacity.

Summary: The USA is increasingly controlled by those willing to spend big money to support candidates willing to do their bidding. Those providing this 'dark money' are not all US citizens with some actually being foreign adversaries hostile to this nation. The citizens of the US believe themselves to be living within a democracy. That view is extremely flawed. The structure of the political system from the Senate, 2-party system, US territories without representation to the Electoral College is undemocratic in nature & favors those with money. Throw in gerrymandering, voter suppression & subversion and you have the reason this nation has operated as an oligarchy almost since its inception. The rise of Donald J. Trump to the office of the presidency is a symptom of this malaise not its cause. Based upon Trump checkered history, he is a serious threat to not only undermine what freedoms & limited democracy this nation still enjoys but has a real potential to make the USA a much large version of Vladimir Putin's Russia. My opinion is that moving toward full democracy is the only long term correction to this problem. At the moment few Americans seem to have much of an interest in acknowledging the problem, let alone moving toward a fix. The risks to the future of this nation are real however & continuing to ignore them may have dire consequences. The article attempts to outline the issues, risks & possible remedies. Article will be updated as conditions change and my opinions change. - NG Rippel

Read the Mueller Report. 
If nothing else at least read the executive summaries  for each volume 

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