The ongoing political turmoil in Western Civilization (much of which has been fomented in large part by Vladimir Putin's minions}  continues to confirm the wisdom of the founders of the US seeking to separate matters of the state from religion.. 

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The hiatus in the all-out war between truth, justice & democracy versus fascism is over. Once again that war is raging across this planet. One either stands up for freedom of expression, the rights of all or one succumbs to the likes of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. 

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Donald J Trump is going to become even more wild and vindictive as his legal troubles escalate and his political fortunes fade.

don’t confuse bigotry with common sense

when elections become popularity contests and celebrity becomes a primary qualification to run for public office, the future of democracy is in peril

Vladimir Putin's invasion of the Ukraine continues the tradition of fascists trying to expand their influence and territory despite all consequences to humanity and the planet. This vile, Stalin-wannabe, genocidal war criminal has turned the Russian Federation into a terrorist state. 

Continuing political support for Donald J Trump and his ilk is an affront to the traditions of the founding of the USA & rationality

Donald J Trump has normalized being obnoxious in public. 

be wary of religions and ideologies which force you to proclaim fealty only to themselves

neither government nor religion should be seen as a replacement for good parenting

​misinformation, misrepresentation & conspiracy theories should not be seen as a valid political agenda

one of the primary founding principles of the USA was freedom of expression and religion

any attempt to abridge that freedom is anti-American

fear & terror are the primary tools of tyrants

​good governance is good for humanity

the battle has long been truth, justice and democracy
versus dogma, privilege and ethno-nationalist oligarchy