a vision for human continuation

continuing humanity is less about who humans are and more about that which humans may become

the nature of the universe is to be attracted to something larger than ourselves

I believe in the human sentiment which desires and has produced gods

My growing feeling is that existing systems of religion are on the verge of either extinction or major upheaval due to the continuing advance of technology and available information. It will become increasingly difficult to sell tickets to heaven to a populace which knows the heavens surround them and is composed of the same materials which form their beings. Most will likely come to view the development of gods as having been a human creation designed to organize, energize and control societies. Gods being a pleasant, all powerful, simple explanation for an infinitely complex universe. Gods being the devices the human mind created to overcome death. Death being the primary driver for our human belief systems. Death: the great unknown. Death: the unfathomable. Death being that which drives humans to desire an everlasting unchanging paradise in a non-demanding afterlife.

We live in a constantly changing universe.  We are all constantly changing beings. Change is that which provides our existence. From my point of view, to wish for an unchanging environment, paradise or not, is a wish not to exist.  My opinion is that no matter how fervent and measured my belief, when death comes any beliefs which I hold, will have no impact upon my demise.

all the many suns

within this vast universe

cannot outshine truth

Death is a necessary ingredient of existence.  Without death, nothing would change for the better. Without death, there would be no universal renewal. From an individual perspective, death may frighten the bejesus into us, yet death is as necessary to human existence as the air which we breathe.  Death comes with existence. Death is inevitable. Whether or not I spend time fearing/contemplating death, death shall come. Frankly I prefer to contemplate that which I know and try to make an impact within reality rather than hold out hope for paradise.

What I know is that humans have made great strides in adapting to our universe.  Those strides have involved much success but also unnecessary strife and grief. There are however lessons to be learned from those trials and tribulations. Those lessons should allow existing and future human generations to make existence better.  If human existence neither improves nor increases our ability to adapt to the vast expanse of our universe, humanity is failure.  

Understanding that it is natural for humans to have very different sets of beliefs and cultural practices would go a long way toward the building a more tolerant environment. Religious, Philosophical & Political leaders need to work out methods which allow a broad range of faith practices without impinging the rights of others. Divisive topics such as abortion, LBGT life-styles & unions, public prayer ... need to be not only written about & discussed but acted upon in such away as to allow honoring beliefs which are highly discriminatory. Perhaps requiring organizations to publicly state that which they disavow/discriminate against would be a step forward. Acknowledging that each of us have ideas which others may not like is beginning. Creating an environment of respect and tolerance for all ideas which are neither physically/economically harmful to others would pave the way forward.

We all value our lives. All but a few value the lives around them. In valuing lives, we must consider that the continuation is that which made our life possible.  Human adaptation and continuation is that which shall make the lives our descendants possible.  For myself, I choose to look beyond my own brief existence and focus upon that which should be of ultimate importance: the continuation of humanity.

In the near term, this causes me to contemplate how our lives may be better and how we can provide a better path for our children. In the long term, we must contemplate the cosmos. We live upon a planet within a solar system which have also have a finite life cycle. We have a good idea how that life cycle works.  At some point in time, whether through human negligence or the universal cycle, our planet will no longer be habitable by humans as we exist today. If humanity is to continue, we must adapt and be prepared for these events.

evolution is the process of breaking through barriers which constrain us

I believe in the human potential. I put my faith in the human spirit, ingenuity, persistence and resilience.  In 1000 years that which I am will not know whether or not my belief system was misguided. If humanity still exists at that point in time however, they certainly will be able to judge.  Until death comes, I shall believe in/advocate for human continuation.

Strange as this may seem, I believe that organized religions have done a great deal to advance human societies. Humans require a formal structure for their belief systems. Humans also require connectivity with their neighbors/community/like-minded individuals. Religions have provided this moral, spiritual and ethical framework. Religions have provided hope and support in times of trials of tribulations.  Of course organized religions have also caused much of the human trials and tribulations over the past few thousand years. Religions have slowly evolved. From strict structures of societal control to a softer version of love/grace, religions have transformed or fallen by the wayside. This trend will continue.

Many communities, particularly in rural areas are anchored by religious facilities. In the developing world, this is even more prevalent. Those facilities provide cohesion and a sense of belonging. Increasingly however those facilities are not providing a real basis for dealing with the realities of human life. The most vibrant religious organizations today seem to be those which are most insular. Other religious organizations are gradually losing their members as the costs to keep their facilities operating become overwhelming. These organizations are not serving their communities very well.

What if those organizations were able to extract the best of that which their belief system has generated, while discarding the dogma, vitriol & exclusivity (yeah, I know this sounds like everyone should become a Unitarian). Meld that extraction into a purpose of improving and continuing human existence. What if those organizations then took the resulting belief system, merged it with community outreach services such as health, homelessness, substance abuse treatment? Then add in various teach/learning services as their member base are able to provide (think CPR/keyboarding/literacy/language skills). With facilities which are in operation most of the time rather than just during selected times.  In this way, religions could advance to fill a human services void which government currently is ineffectively trying to fill.  Pro-life/choice, modesty/sexual mores, dietary/well being belief-based organizations could move their battles away from politics and into the realm of their belief/spiritual structures.  Developing a system of beliefs might again be viewed as an important aspect of human life by those which are are better informed and empowered.  Fractures in the structure of human societies might begin to mend. Humans, now moving away from crumbling belief systems, might find comfort in developing their own systems of convictions and faith.

If such a vision such as the above comes to reality, it is not going to happen overnight. It will also not come without failures, backlash or upheaval. Change may be delayed by catastrophic events which drive a desire for predestination and divine guidance. Change however must and will come to all religious systems.  A more knowledgeable populace more aware of the structure of the universe will question that which is now the unquestionable.   Change comes. Change is how the universe works.  Additional information causes change. New ideas bring change. What is certain is that there shall always be change. Beings either adapt or not.

Humans require a valid system of beliefs along with hope and faith in the future. Religions have provided this structure but have done their best to avoid universal realities. Hopefully our religious systems will adapt in such a way as to keep the best which they have to offer and come to terms with what we have learned about existence.  Creators of the best religious structures would come to be venerated much the same as the great Confucius, who more than 2,500 years ago offered this advice, “Do unto others what you want done unto you.”  Religions becoming more focused on creating a better here and now than offering promises of a hereafter.  Humans directing their hope, faith and belief in those things upon which they may have a lasting impact. 

eventually we all come round to that which we are meant to be

​find that which holds true importance and dump the rest

#HumanContinuation is the advancement of humanity to meet the challenges of a changing universe.

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